Supersoul Spirituality

Supersoul Spirituality takes you on a journey to unlock your true divinity... to remind you that, however insignificant or troubled you might feel, behind the illusion you're a magnificent being of unparalleled wisdom and creative power. It will help you to understand:

  • that all your lives are happening at the same time, not one after the other
  • that each of us is a hugely powerful ‘creator god’
  • that you’re never, ever a victim of anyone or anything else, because as an adult you’re creating or attracting every single thing you experience via the 'Law of Attraction'.

Under more traditional approaches, when things have gone wrong we’ve always had the get-out clause of being able to blame a God who works in mysterious ways, or our past-life karma, life plans and soul contracts, or pure chance and bad luck. Under Supersoul Spirituality all these options are removed. This is a major shift in our understanding, and not everyone will be ready for it yet. But for those who are, this worldview can help the human race to finally come of age in terms of its spiritual maturity.

Supersoul Spirituality is a framework of understanding that I began to develop in late 2012, which has taken me away from the traditional reincarnational focus that had dominated my research and writing for more than a decade. Perhaps for the first time it coherently merges THREE WELL-KNOWN PRECEPTS to which we often pay lip service, but whose full implications have usually been avoided:

  • Everything is happening in the now Time is only a form of illusion that allows us humans to make sense of our experience of this plane. But fundamentally, as so many wise spiritual traditions have indicated down the ages, past and future don't exist - there's only now. Another way of putting this is that time is a 'discrete series of now-moments'. Implication Our various lives are simultaneous, not consecutive. Irrespective of what human era they appear to involve, all our life personalities are operating alongside each other, rather than one after the other. This idea is extremely difficult to understand in any fully logical way with our merely human brains, but it's the clear implication of the idea that only now exists. The further implication, of course, is that it no longer makes sense to talk about past-life karma or next-life plans. Nevertheless it remains clear that each of us has a set of what I call 'birth givens', and that these vary widely - in terms of not just our sex but also our main psychological and physical traits and propensities, and the socio-economic position and geographical location of our parents. So who chooses these?
  • Each of us is a god in our own right The choice of our birth givens must fall to a level of our consciousness operating outside of space-time, whose aim is only to expand itself through different experiences in different worlds and realities via different forms. I call this the supersoul to distinguish it from the higher self or oversoul, both of which terms are used in different and conflicting contexts. This is a level of individuated consciousness repeatedly described by pioneering out-of-body explorers, whose encounters with such creative and wise entities lead them to think they're in the presence of a true divinity - until they come to realise this is just another aspect of themselves, and it's actually who they really are. Supersouls are the very entities who create whole new universes to play in - or, looking at it another way, new simulations in a vast digital game. Yet we should be clear that there are myriad supersouls projecting aspects of themselves just into this version of the game called the earth plane, so we're talking about something quite different from any concept of 'source' or 'universal consciousness'. Implication If only we understood just how powerful we really are, and that we've only temporarily taken on the form of human actors in a grand play called 'earth reality', we might finally recognise that we're not limited and puny beings constantly buffeted by God's will, outrageous fortune and so on.
  • The Law of Attraction reigns supreme Experienced out-of-body explorers have come to realise that in higher planes their thoughts and emotions instantly translate into what they experience. The same principle underlies our earth reality. However here the constraints of space-time mean there's usually a time delay between thought and manifested result. Meanwhile the fact the ours is a 'consensus' or shared reality – in which our own thoughts and intentions are mingling and sometimes competing with those of our fellows around us – means the link between thought and manifested result is even more difficult to trace. Couple this with the fact that our subconscious thoughts and beliefs are hugely powerful and often in conflict with our conscious desires, and you have the recipe for a hugely persuasive illusion where it seems that things are happening to us. But they're not. Instead everything each one of us experiences is, one way or another, created or attracted by us. Implication As all of the wisest channelled sources have been telling us for the last fifty years, the reality we're experiencing only acts as a mirror that projects our own thoughts and beliefs back to us. Of course this doesn’t apply until we become adults and take on responsibility for ourselves, and it’s also subject to any insurmountable limitations imposed by our birth givens.

This radical new worldview opens up huge possibilities for us all as we collectively pioneer the most exciting change in human consciousness ever witnessed on planet earth. It is expounded in the seven-volume Supersoul Series of books. This includes three research books: Supersoul, The Power of You and Afterlife. It is also explained in simpler and more digestible ways in What Jesus Was Really Saying, Sh*t Doesn't Just Happen!!, Death Is An Adventure!! and The God Who Sometimes Screwed Up. It can also be summarised in Ten Principles.

Rational Spirituality

Prior to this I was developing the idea of Rational Spirituality, because as a primarily left-brained ex-business consultant the idea of putting together a grounded, evidence-based, spiritual framework to help similar people rediscover their innate spirituality really resonated. This was always intended to act as a logical, intellectually coherent alternative to an atheist-materialist worldview.

This analytical approach underlies the eight-volume Books of the Soul Series. These include not only three more formal Research Books but also five Pocket Books that represent simpler, alternative ways of putting Rational Spiritual ideas across to those less familiar with such things. In this latter spirit I've also written two Spiritual Novels.

These books aren't totally invalidated by my more recent research. Indeed the basic evidence they present for soul survival, and for what I've previously assumed to be 'past' lives', arguably provides a rational, evidence-based underpinning for any modern spiritual framework. It is the traditional interpretation of this evidence into a linear, reincarnational model of soul consciousness that perhaps only represents an 'entry level' of understanding, whereas my more recent research arguably takes us towards a radically new and more sophisticated worldview.

In any case, wherever you're at, I sincerely hope that some parts of my work may help you on your spiritual journey.

Love and blessings, Ian

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