"I have read many books on various topics ranging from the Giza Plateau to farming in Upper Egypt, and I must say that your book is the most readable I have found. It is intensely informative, well rounded and well researched, and it is written in such a way that it is actually interesting to read!! That's hard to find!" Corinne Alsaidy, personal correspondence, Oct 2001

"Of all the books I have read over the past 5 years, Giza: The Truth is one of the most informative I have had the pleasure to read." Mark Galloway, personal correspondence, Aug 2001

"Personally, I believe Giza: The Truth is THE definitive work dealing with Giza politics, and the first (in my view) since Carl Sagan to approach the theories of the latter 20th Century with sincerity and science. There may be some ups and downs - even arguable points - but it is an important book because it gives the 'seekers' of truth a broader version of events. Talk about comparative literature; this is it." R. Avry Wilson, personal correspondence, Jun 2001

"I would like to thank you for your informative and valuable work. Giza: The Truth is a much-needed addition to the libraries of everyone interested in Giza and those who have been drawn into the hype which has arisen in recent years stemming from Sitchin, through to Hancock etc. It is the most sensible book I have yet read on the subject. It is so rare to find such a book where one agrees almost entirely with every word." Ivan Frazer, personal correspondence, May 2001

"Let me congratulate you and Mr. Ogilvie-Herald on your superb book Giza: The Truth. I found it extremely fascinating and revealing, clearing away a lot of misconceptions and half-truths." Dr. Louis Vella, personal correspondence, Feb 2001

"I'd just like to say thank you to both yourself and Ian on a comprehensive and just plain outstanding book. I had actually bought this book for my girlfriend for Christmas but as it happens I picked it up and have yet to put it down!" Ryan Lahiff, personal correspondence, Jan 2001

"I have recently become interested in Ancient Civilisations particularly ancient Egypt. I made what seems to be the common mistake of reading Fingerprints of the Gods, Orion Mystery, Heaven's Mirror, then Keeper of Genesis before reading Giza: The Truth. Congratulations on the book, I haven't put it down since I started reading it. It was a pleasant change from being bombarded with tales of precession, corruption and plots to prevent the truth being told. I truly believe a book such as Giza: The Truth desperately needed writing, so thank you and Ian, not lest for shaking off Eqyptian tour guides and crawling through my idea of hell." Mark Floyd, personal correspondence, Oct 2000

"I recently have read your book Giza: The Truth, and would like to say thank you for such a wonderful effort." James Mann, personal correspondence, Jul 2000

"Congratulations. A well written and well researched book, I loved it, it's good to see the debate still rages. Thanks for clarifying the many subjective and poorly researched publications I have read in the past - I think at last I can now settle down and turn my attention to the truth." Jim Daisley, personal correspondence, Jul 2000

"Just some thoughts on the book… I thought I knew a bit about Egypt and Giza, but this was a real eye opener. I think as a general member of the public it is very easy to read the books and take the authors word for things, you trust the research has been done properly and the conclusions made are true. After reading your book I won't make that mistake again. After years of telling friends about the 10,500BC dating of the pyramids it came as a disappointment to see that things do not add up as Hancock and Bauval made out, but the one thing that really amazed me was the part about Colonel Vyse, everything I have seen about him made him out as the "bad" guy but again it seems not to be true. The web page is very interesting, it seems you have certain authors on the run for cover, the fact they will not discuss details with you just weakens their points even more. Keep up the good work…" Mark Goodman, personal correspondence, Mar 2000

"Giza: The Truth was the first book in the genre I felt strongly about. It was objective, funny (or should that be 'witty') and well written. You had no pet theory to peddle and that went a long way to my enjoyment of the book. I felt I was reading exactly what you thought, not what you 'believed'. Look forward to the revised paperback!" Andy Crane, personal correspondence, Feb 2000

"Your book was presented as a well thought out, well researched and most importantly, coherent view from the outside looking in… I really enjoyed your book. Most especially, for the way it brought me back down to earth." John Bracken, personal correspondence, Feb 2000

"I am enjoying your above mentioned book - I like your approach, and look forward to the next one hinted at!" David Coleman, personal correspondence, Feb 2000

"I just wanted to say that I have recently finished reading your book and I have to admit it was a 'breath of fresh air'. The issues you have addressed were ones that I had been lead to believe, in the past, were all well researched and supported with evidence. Issues such as Vyse being a 'scrupulous' fellow and the theories on the weathering pattern of the Sphinx all seemed to be 'beyond a shadow of a doubt'. Your work is something that should not end with this book. The politics, the theories, and all the other sticky aspects of both the orthodox and alternative camps have to be presented in a clear and balanced manner and I think that you and Chris did that. You brought back the 'scientific method' of addressing such issues and this will probably smarten up some of those 'conspiracy theory' authors. Sensationalism sells books BUT it does not promote science or the truth. You should both be very proud of your achievement and I truly look forward to any future books you put out." Robert Krilic, personal correspondence, Jan 2000

"I think Giza: The Truth is a very lucid, scholarly work. And that is a relief if one sees how many ill-researched books there are in this field." Sjoerd Claessens, personal correspondence, Jan 2000

"While I am not an Expert on Egypt, I ordered your book even before it was released, and read it in 2 days! Perhaps the greatest strength of your work lies in its balanced examination of the issues. I have been looking for a book that forgoes sensationalism in favour of reason for several years, and I was very pleased to find that balance in your work. Thanks!" David Zabalaoui, personal correspondence, Oct 1999

"I have read your book and liked it very much. Finally an overview of all the facts." Guido van Wijngaarden, personal correspondence, Oct 1999