This book was rewritten as The History of the Soul in 2010.

Our oldest texts and religious writings - from the Bible to the Vedic scripts - all speak of a golden age when our earliest forebears dwelt in utopian bliss before losing their way and suffering annihilation in a worldwide catastrophe. In a stunning reappraisal of the sacred texts of antiquity, Ian Lawton uncovers what he believes is the key to deciphering the true origins of our antediluvian ancestors. The comparative history community has for some years argued over who this forgotten race may be and high-profile books such as Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods and Andrew Collins' Gateway to Atlantis have found a huge audience who are prepared to look beyond the orthodoxy. Lawton argues that the evolution of the modern human race received its most supreme cultural impetus around 100,000 years ago, when the first advanced souls incarnated in human form - giving a philosophical interpretation of the universal stories of fallen angels. With chapters on mythology, evolution, archaeology, geology and science, this scholarly work bravely combines history and philosophy to spectacular effect. The result is is a groundbreaking book that will change not only the way we look at the past, but even more so the future.