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"There is one big problem with this book... I couldn't put it down! It's so well written it has the reader enthralled from the first paragraph to the last. Yet not only is it a page-turner, but it subtly educates on all manner of spiritual topics - and it's a beautiful love story too. I can't recommend it highly enough." Edith Fiore, author of You Have Been Here Before

Michael is a confident, handsome, self-made man who sells exotic cars. He lives in a fine mansion with his beautiful, devoted wife Sinead and newborn son Zak. Life is all he could want it to be, and God is for losers and dreamers.

Until one fateful night, when everything is turned upside down by a terrible accident that leaves Sinead dead and him barely alive.

His strange experiences while in coma lead him to search for answers. Wheelchair-bound and helpless, he comes to rely heavily on Jocasta, the new age, hippy-chick mother-in-law he once despised.

Yet nothing he discovers can prepare him for what lies ahead when his battered body finally succumbs, and reunion with his beloved Sinead beckons.

featuring Aya's Scroll


Zoe is only three when her mother disappears. Brought up by the aunt and uncle who despise her, she learns she has no value, unlike her big sister Kim, the real daughter on whom they dote.

She defies the odds to make it to university and forge a successful career in the City. For the first time she seems to be happy. But strange dreams and even stranger messages that appear on her bathroom mirror fuel a growing sense of unease. After falling in love with Zak, a talented young scientist, she quits her job and moves to the country to become a writer.

At first the idyllic lifestyle and newfound love bring her peace, but soon the money starts to run out and her life spirals downwards. Nothing she tries provides more than a temporary respite until she meets a very special psychologist. The secrets they unlock together help her unleash her true potential, and her life is finally full of the deep love and fulfilment she has never really known.

But will her new happiness last... or does life still have one last surprise in store?

featuring Zoe's Conscious Creation Checklist