Extract from Chapter 1 of The Wisdom of the Soul

© Ian Lawton 2007

Note that Katrine was not asked any of these questions.

1.5 Can a soul vacate its adult body so another soul can walk in?

This is a highly contentious issue. The idea is that a soul can decide to vacate an adult body, perhaps because they are close to suicide anyway, and allow another soul to take their place so as not to waste the opportunities presented by that body. In other words, there is a complete swap. A number of commentators insist that it is possible, including the interlife pioneer Dolores Cannon. But others, like Newton, maintain that it is a nonsense – his key argument being that it goes against all ideas of personal karmic responsibility for the life contract we have taken on. But in addition, as we will see in section 3.3, to suggest that there is somehow a shortage of bodies for souls to incarnate into goes against all the available evidence.

So what did our sources make of this issue? They were, once again, unanimous that walk-ins do not take place.

1.5.1 If not, why not?

They were also unanimous about the reasons why they do not. Nora was somewhat reticent, merely indicating that ‘the whole soul would not leave, there would always be something left, so there could never be a complete swap’. But a number of the others confirmed Newton’s idea that the merger of any given body and soul is unique, and must take place in the womb. As a result they also insisted that if a soul leaves its body, that body dies, pure and simple. Here are Alva, David, Amy and Nadine:

The soul has chosen that body, and it couldn’t leave without the body dying as well.

The bond between soul and body is too strong, and this would have the potential to destroy the body.

What would be the purpose of that? A soul can only join while the baby is in the womb, and it takes the full time in the womb to make the connections between the soul and the body. So it cannot be done at any other time. And if a soul walks out, the body dies.

When a soul has entered the baby, they’ve already reconfigured their energy into the energy of that baby, and so they meld into one. If the soul were to vacate, then that vacation would cause the person illness and death. For another soul to come in would be quite impossible, because the imprints of the other are still in there.

Claire, Naomi and Veronica were somewhat more circumspect, but still essentially in agreement:

It is unlikely and difficult because each soul has a unique energy fingerprint that melds with the biochemical environment.

It’s a possibility but it rarely occurs… It would cause enormous difficulties, like intense neural dysfunction or mental incapacity.

Anything is possible. But it would cause such a disruption that it wouldn’t benefit anyone… Because the soul energies would be different. The problem would be magnified millions of times from the health and emotional problems caused by a mere attachment. So it is possible, but it would be very difficult.

Andy then pressed Veronica as to whether this was something that had ever happened in the past. She came up with an interesting suggestion that may tie in with the idea of early soul experiments on earth, which we will come back to in section 3.1:

There were experiments when the human form was evolving, not maliciously but purely to understand how soul energy could live in such dense form. And it was found to be inadvisable. And in any case there are other ways of accomplishing a soul’s incarnation, without disrupting the physical form in that way… So while this has happened in the past, it does not now.

Finally Denise went off on a somewhat different but nevertheless interesting tack, revealing some ideas about gaining guidance and assistance from another soul while still incarnate – which, she reported to us subsequently, she had never consciously read about or considered:

A soul can choose to invite another in without vacating, for guidance... The visitor is consciously controlled by the host, who must invite it in, and usually this only happens for short periods of time and for mutual benefit.

Could anyone invite another soul down during a meditation?

Yes. People do it with their spirit guides.

How would that help the host, rather than intuitively linking?

Because there is a stronger connection. And also the visitor might like to just come down for a moment and enjoy the experience of the world – the sun, the wind, the rain, or the scenery if a nice place is chosen… Usually you would meet the spirit first to check that it was ok, you would be given guidance. You would usually ask if there was a specific question or problem, the answer would be stronger, and then afterwards the spirit is released… But it’s essentially no different from any other form of guidance.

Do the two souls need to have an energy connection?

Yes, it will have been made before incarnation. Each person on earth has the ability to connect with the spirit that is right for them. But this can only be done with positive spiritual or personal intent, otherwise humans might invite in others with a lower vibration.

Is this an opportunity that is far more widely available than people realize?

You don’t ask, even though you are always being told to! People don’t stop to think about the possibilities. They are so concerned with their worries they create a spiritual fog.