Extract from Chapter 2 of The Wisdom of the Soul

© Ian Lawton 2007

In one part of the report above Claire specifically corroborated the idea discussed in the Introduction that all souls must go through a healing and delayering process to enter the light realms proper – for example, to allow them to meet up with the other members of their soul group. But she also specifically hinted at the idea of different levels in the light plane:

There has to be a rebalancing and recharging of energy before a soul is accepted by its soul group. It’s necessary for the recognition process... Each frequency vibration occupies a plane or level, so souls on each level must have a similar frequency.

What is more, both Katrine and Denise confirmed this view:

Souls have different experiences every time, they will not go to the same place, or meet the same people, they will do it differently each time... It would be boring to do the same thing all the time. Also they might progress to a different level because of what they’ve learned, so they don’t have to go through all the stages any more – for example, they might just go straight to a briefing with the elders, whereas less experienced souls might have to undergo a lot of healing for various reasons… But every life has to be planned – less experienced souls may not be doing the planning themselves, but their lives are always planned.

Some souls don’t move through to the review and planning level. They stay on an initial level… For rest and rejuvenation… Usually this is because they are not ready to make choices... But when they are ready, they have new choices and options for learnings… There are layers in the spirit world, and also each soul will create what they believe to be there. Some stay on the level with spirit guides and helpers, and some choose different levels.

These reports clearly suggest that the interlife experience is varied and fluid, even if certain underlying elements can be identified. But they also shed further light on our basic model of the three planes – that is physical, intermediate and light. This represents something of an oversimplification, albeit a perfectly serviceable and helpful one for most discussions. But it seems likely that the intermediate probably contains different ‘aspects’, not least one for trapped human souls and another for so-called elementals and nature spirits. The light plane too probably contains various levels or aspects – albeit that most attempts by more esoteric writers both ancient and modern to identify and describe the various levels and planes seem to be completely baffling, inconsistent and arguably unhelpful.

So what does this latest evidence tell us about the nature of the levels in the light plane? At the very least it appears that there is a ‘transition level’ in which healing and delayering occurs that operates as a link between the intermediate and light planes – and, according to Denise, some souls can remain in this transition level without receiving proper healing, in which case it is regarded as the grey place. It also seems likely that there is a ‘guide and group’ level in the light realms proper that is occupied by most reincarnating souls, and in which spirit guides and helpers are available to provide further assistance. But we might also expect there to be an ‘elder level’ in which these rather more experienced souls reside, and indeed further ‘higher levels’ beyond this that we cannot hope to describe and will only find out about when we too reach that stage of soul evolution. Not only that, but in each of these levels we might expect there to be different ‘aspects’ to which souls are attracted according to their level of experience and natural energy vibration.

This information is represented in the diagram below in the hope of clarifying these ideas – which, we might note, do not conform closely to any schema put forward by Newton or any other researcher. Of course there are problems with putting such a framework together, because it can clearly only be an approximation that concentrates primarily on those areas relevant to reincarnating souls – which is what all interlife subjects are by definition. But we should be clear that those apparently enlightened souls who have supposedly provided details of the higher levels could only have done so if they were incarnating by choice to help the rest of us, rather than because they were still involved in the reincarnation cycle to gain experience. This is because almost certainly their true soul energy vibrations would have to be sufficiently high to allow them access to information about such levels. Moreover it is arguably unlikely that it would be useful for us to have such extended knowledge of levels that must increasingly approach Source itself when we are, in general, so abjectly ignorant and misinformed about even the most basic framework. In addition, from a more general perspective we must be ever wary of allowing the concept of levels to introduce ideas of ego and elitism, remembering that such reactions are completely absent at a soul level – and that it is only in human form that we impose such unhelpful value judgments.