Zoe is very young when her mother disappears. Brought up by the aunt and uncle who despise her, she learns she has no value... unlike her big sister Kim, the real daughter on whom they dote.

She defies the odds to make it to university and forge a successful career. For the first time she seems to be happy. But strange dreams and even stranger messages that appear on her bathroom mirror fuel a growing sense of unease.

Undaunted she falls in love with brilliant young scientist Zak, quits her job and moves to the coast to become a writer. At first her idyllic lifestyle and newfound love bring peace and joy. But soon money and other worries emerge, and nothing she tries provides more than temporary relief as her life gradually spirals downwards.

With Zak unable to take any more she's forced to leave her beautiful cottage and rent a small room on a suburban estate. Emotions dulled by pills she lies in bed day after day just staring at the ceiling.

Is this the end? Or can she turn her life around, fulfil her dreams and find happiness again? And even if she can... will it last?