Would you like to de-stress your life and take back complete control? How liberating would it be if you could remove much of the hurt from the painful experiences in your life? How would you like to guarantee yourself that you'll never be a victim of anyone or anything ever again?

Do you believe in the 'law of attraction'? Do you ever wonder how 'consciously creating' squares with the idea of karma carried over from past lives, or of having a semi-predetermined 'life plan'? Might these not get in the way, and restrict your free will to manifest the life you desire?

On the other hand, what if we were to properly acknowledge the advice we've been given by the wisest sources of channelled wisdom for decades – that our concept of reincarnation is way too simplistic? What if they're right that our lives don't really follow one after the other but are happening alongside each other in the 'eternal now' – irrespective of the fact they appear to involve different human eras?

This idea of simultaneous lives might be difficult for our mere human brains to understand, but what would the implications be, particularly for the ideas of 'past-life' karma and of 'next-life' planning? What if instead we're forced to form a model of soul consciousness that perfectly dovetails with the law of attraction and shows that, subject to our 'birth givens', each of us is entirely responsible for generating all the experiences we're having in our life – via our own thoughts, beliefs and intentions?

More than this are we finally ready, both individually and collectively, to reawaken to the truth of who and what we really are? To be reminded that we're not mere human beings buffeted by outrageous fortune or a vindictive deity – but instead each of us, no matter how apparently high or low, is a divine 'creator god' with incredible power and wisdom?

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You’re not a victim, ever, of anyone or anything… you’re always in the driving seat

To create the life you want, learn to understand that you’re already creating the life you’re having… all of it, all the time, in every moment, no exceptions

To understand the reality you live in… learn to understand the realities you’ll experience after you die

Your true soul consciousness is interested in one thing, and one thing alone… to expand itself through different experiences

There’s no external God, only the divinity of who you really are… a projection of a supersoul consciousness so creatively powerful that you’re a god in your own right

Everything is happening in ‘the now’… however much we're conditioned to experience time

There’s no ‘past’ karma unless you choose to believe in it… and patterns only repeat if you choose to let them

There are no life plans, only the ‘givens’ you were born into… so it’s up to you to paint the best picture you can with the palette you’ve been presented with

Even if you don’t understand how you attracted certain major challenges, if you assume you must have done you take full responsibility… especially for your reaction to them

Life isn’t about suffering or mere acceptance… you expand your supersoul’s consciousness far more if you aim for joyful abundance and to fulfil your maximum potential

The next major step in human evolution, and the aim of the shift in consciousness… is to appreciate that we are the creator gods of myth and legend