This inspiring feedback on Rational Spirituality generally is taken from a review by Anita Newman on in Sep 2006. Apart from any apparent adulation of Ian himself, which would undoubtedly be refuted by anyone who has had to put up with him for any length of time, it is so much the sort of reaction we hope to inspire in people that we might have written it ourselves. But we didn't ;-)

"Are you ready for a life-changing book? The Book of the Soul is the most amazing book I have ever read, and one which I know has already changed my life for the better. I won't go into the principles contained in this book as this is already covered in the book description, but I will tell you the impact on my life and what it can do for you. I'm an Analyst by profession, so it's in my nature to have all the facts in front of me, and from those facts make rational judgement calls backed up by evidence of why I chose that path. I seem to apply this unconsciously in my personal life too, which is why I have ended up reading The Book of the Soul.

I was bought up in a family who considered themselves faith healers, looked after by spirit guides etc.. So as a child I was always being told stories of miracles or tales of what their guides has told them about life and death. To me this was simply an opportunity to be told another story and I didn't really buy any of it. As I have grown up, as we all have, I have come to feel that religion is a control mechanism to provide people with power and authority over mankind, and that people believe because they can’t face up to not having something to believe in. But it’s depressing to believe that this really is it, and this had left me rather despondent. I did believe in the power of the mind and that we are somehow not living to our full potential, but I have no interest in new age religion, and can't fully accept concepts that aren't backed up by scientific fact.

However, directed by a friend, in Rational Spiritualists I have finally found like-minded people who aren't just flying along on a belief system because they can't handle not having a god of some kind to believe in. I ordered the book straight away and within the first chapter I was blown away by what I was reading. Ian Lawton does not push his views, he researches and analyses all alternatives and then presents his conclusions based on facts. Perfect! Finally something that's real and unbiased.

Now my outlook on life and death is somewhat different. My character is changing too. I feel that I have more patience with people, and have started to be more positive about human nature and the individuals on this planet. Instead of judging people for their actions, I try to understand why they acted like they did. I also have started to become aware of how I handle certain situations. In times of stress or grief, it's how you handle those emotions and learn from the experience that is key. And that skill, once learned, will be with you forever. These are just some of the many lessons I have learned from this book.

You know that every once in a while you are asked ‘who, dead or alive, would you most like to meet?’ For me, Ian Lawton is top of my list. I'm not a writer, so I find it hard to put words together to do justice to him and his book, but somehow he manages to make a potentially complicated subject incredibly easy to understand. He is not aggressive in his beliefs, and his research and knowledge have no end! He has that ability to make you think and consider alternatives regardless of your beliefs. The fact that he has struggled to even get this book published makes him seem more genuine, and in turn makes the concepts in the book more real. Ian's peace, patience and insight makes him sound like one of the most incredible individuals on the planet, and I'm incredibly grateful that I've had the opportunity to read this book and to discover Rational Spirituality."

The Big Book of the Soul

"I just wanted to email you to say that yesterday I finished reading your Big Book Of The Soul. This book has cleared up so many questions that have been gnawing away at me for some time, and I wanted to say a Big thank you - I'm in a state of pleasant awe. I felt I had reached an impasse in my own research and journey and knew I needed to do something significant to break the circle and find some truth, and the information that you have given me has helped to clear a blockage and to understand. The Big Book Of The Soul has made everything all shiny and new!" Luke Payn, personal correspondence, Jul 2011

"The Big Book of the Soul is to me, undoubtedly, the most powerful book I've ever read in my life." Marc Kaiser, personal correspondence, Jun 2011

"The Big Book of the Soul is excellent! The amount of work you have put into covering such a wide area of thought, life experiences and other writers’ work, makes it the book to enable any 'newbies' to start a journey towards trying to understand who we are and where we go from here, without the need to delve into so many books for background. The last chapter, 'The Holographic Soul', makes fascinating reading and advances the clarification towards an answer of 'what is it all about?' Your source references are excellent for follow-ups as required. In all ways, good value!" Doug Johns, personal correspondence, Jun 2010

"I'm still licking my lips over the delicious treat of the Big Book. I really think you got it right and, providing there is adequate coverage in the bookshops, there can be little going back on the development of the field of study now that you have spoken so clearly." Peter Jenkins, personal correspondence, Nov 2009

"This is a great book that everyone with a deep interest in ‘life, the universe and everything’ should read. If it does nothing else it will make you think, but it may even change your whole outlook on life… Using a very sceptical approach Lawton argues the case for each aspect of his thinking and backs each area up with a very well-referenced set of sources… He also deliberately rules out of his argument many cases that are dubious or open to other explanations. It is reassuring to the sceptic that he has taken this approach… Lawton deals with the overall ‘why’ question very well in the final section of the book, which is entirely new compared to the original version, introducing his concept of the holographic soul… Another of my favourite aspects of the final section is his well-argued rejection of the philosophy that everything around us is all just an illusion, and that the best way to deal with life is to drop out or reject everyday life. I’ve always felt this to be intuitively wrong. Lawton suggests that physical life exists for a definite reason and it contains great depths to be fathomed. I totally agree with this, and I think it’s wonderful that you are just as likely to come into contact with a highly advanced soul cleaning the public toilets as preaching in the temple or practising yoga in a cave! All in all, very highly recommended." Extracts from review by Linden Hale, Apr 2009

"If you want to explore philosophically the concepts of life after death, reincarnation, and the meaning of life at a deeper spiritual level, I don't think there is a better place to start than Ian Lawton's Big Book of the Soul." Extract from review on, Apr 2009

"Evidence is presented in this book that will surely tip the scales for those questioning and wavering souls who intrinsically know there is more to life than just this single earthly life. An enlightening exposition of other life experiences; very well presented and documented in a well written book that should inspire any reader to re-evaluate his or her journey, and will perhaps help them to understand the reason behind some of the challenging experiences in this life." Extract from review on, Apr 2009

"Quite honestly there is so much richness in this book that it is hard to do it justice. For anyone interested in reincarnation, past-life therapy and the interlife experience the book is a must-read." Extract from review by Victor Zammit on his website, Mar 2009

"A fantastic book by an extremely inspirational speaker. This total rewrite of The Book of the Soul is extremely readable, well-written, interesting and thought-provoking. If you buy one book this year, this should be it!" Extract from review by Gill Wilson, NFSH Newsletter, Spring 2009

"The development of the concept of the holographic soul is an important contribution to the understanding of human consciousness." Extract from review on the Afterlife 101 website, Feb 2009

"Many thanks for sending me a copy of your latest excellent book. I was particularly impressed by the deep analysis of past-life regression with much new evidence and the thorough discussion of the objections made by the sceptics. Rational Spirituality as presented in your books strikes me as the best theory I have encountered of the universe and our place in it. I attend meetings of several societies that are interested in these matters. I will take every opportunity of recommending The Big Book of the Soul." Rowland Bowker, personal correspondence, Jan 2009

The Little Book of the Soul

"I think Ian Lawton deserves more attention than he is getting. This little book is well written, clear, logical, honest. Lawton isn't making a bid to be your next guru. He's just contributing, I think quite effectively, to what he perceives to be an important next step in human development, namely bringing science and reason to bear on issues of spirituality. The book captured me, because Lawton offers an interesting and original idea that seems to me a plausible explanation for an important paradox in spirituality. One can experience in mystical vision that one's identity is not different from that of God. At the same time, near death survivors offer much evidence for an afterlife or reincarnation, and some of that evidence is presented in this book. But who are you really? Are you an individuated soul that passes from body to body? Or are you identified with the Godhead who does not know limitation or passage through time? He doesn't go into the idea in much depth, but he proposes that this paradox can be understood by regarding our nature as holographic." Extract from review on, Jan 2008

"I have started to ask that after the person reads the book they should sign it and pass it on. I've told them that Ian Lawton has given us this gift by writing The Little Book of the Soul, now my gift to them is giving the book to them and their gift to Ian and anyone else is to give the book to someone else. So we can 'keep the gift alive'. I have ordered your other books as well and hope that some of these people will read the little book and visit your web site to order these books too." Norma La Ronde, personal correspondence, Dec 2007

"The book is absolutely amazing. It kinda opened loads of new doors in my mind, made me think about and question a lot of things. Fantastic." Penny, personal correspondence, Dec 2007

"I handed out your Little Book of the Soul to my study group and they were delighted! They loved it!" Virginia Waldron, personal correspondence, Dec 2007

"I have distributed The Little Book of the Soul to those who need to hear the message that it brings and to those who desperately need hope in a time of personal crisis - including to an elderly gentleman dying of cancer who has no family and no friends. I have also given copies to various community libraries. I have been amazed at how quickly it disappeared from the reading tables after I put it down, and I think that in no small part this is due to its size. Very clever, and hopefully these little seeds will spring into a fountainhead." James Richardson, personal correspondence, Dec 2007

"You moved me today. I read The Little Book of the Soul during my lunch break. At a time when I have been full of fear and doubt, this book seemed to give me a comforting hand." Duane, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"I loved the book, and will be ordering at least one batch of ten. For me, the balance of stories and the relatively succinct commentary and conclusions are perfect." Jeff Greiman, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"I look forward very much to giving people - especially those who claim to be too busy to consider a spiritual dimension - the chance to read a very easy to digest book that should alter their perception and give them a lift for the future." Douglas Johns, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book. For me the last few pages were he most valuable, especially the holographic soul! I also really liked your comments on 'creating our own reality', as well your ideas on karma." Erwin Kadach, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"Your book came at just the right time for me. It filled in many gaps in my thought, and confirmed other things. Naturally my order is placed - Christmas just got sorted, and I don't do Christmas!" Mike Dunai, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"It took me just a little over an hour to read. The stories were familiar from The Book of the Soul, as was much of your dialogue. But the difference this time was that, due to its simplified nature, I was able to put it into context much more easily and with greater clarity." Laura Hardee-Williams, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"I very much enjoyed it. Producing a smaller and simpler version of The Book of the Soul is, I think, an excellent idea. There are many people who have neither the time nor the inclination to read a longer and more detailed book on Rational Spirituality. This book will, I hope, fulfil this need and provide stimulus and encouragement for further study. I shall be pleased to buy a box of 8 to give to friends." Rowland Bowker, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"I do believe this is the way forward for spirituality." Barry McDonagh, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"This came as a very timely reminder to pay more attention to the implications of Rational Spirituality, and once again I was moved to tears by some of the stories." Phil Carrington, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"This is a very powerful 'little' book, and I am certainly interested in ordering at least one box. I enjoyed reading the summaries of the cases that you picked for examples, it was a nice way to break into an explanation of the spirit world and the interface between there and here. Your description of the holographic soul is a new concept to most people. It is an exciting one for many who have never found a reasonable explanation for the connections we can make between our individual consciousnesses in most aspects of life." Brooks Allisen, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"I find your books enormously helpful as guides to life and living, as well as being reassuring about death." Jane Dougall, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"What a good idea, I love it. It even kept my wife's attention, and she wouldn't read The Book of the Soul!" Ashley Bradbury, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"I enjoyed reading the stories again, and feel that someone who didn't have the time or inclination to read The Book of the Soul would still get the same message, and hopefully spark more of an interest in Rational Spirituality and all it's wisdom. I'm already thinking about who I can give copies to." Alan Kilpatrick, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

"Thank you so much for producing this book, I found that I couldn't stop reading it. Though I knew some of the material previously I found the way that you used it perfectly illustrates the theories and models of Rational Spirituality. I'll be buying two boxes to start with and will distribute them to friends, family, clients and anyone that I bump into who might be interested." Duncan Bain Smith, personal correspondence, Oct 2007

The (Original) Book of the Soul

"I just read The Book of the Soul. I could not put it down. You have provided a light in my uncharted journey through life. I have read the books that you have referenced and so your book was even more interesting with your perspective and research and format. I do believe that my spirit guide led me to your book. You have made a great contribution to mankind. I look forward to reading more of your books." Cynthia Martinez, personal correspondence, Apr 2013

"The Book of the Soul is a triumph. I bought it twice so that I could read it with both eyes! It's not as thick as Genesis Unveiled (another stunning masterpiece) but the content is twice as meaty. It shows the interlife in such vivid detail that I can't wait to die!! I love the book so much that I have taken to stalking Ian Lawton in an attempt to pressure him into writing more. Rock on Rational Spirituality!" Ashley Bradbury, personal correspondence, Oct 2006

"My spiritual quest of the past six years has come to an end. Rational Spirituality is the only alternative to the intellectual suicide of orthodox religion and some of the New Age movements, as well as to the spiritual void of materialist atheism." Shereen Schouw, personal correspondence, Jul 2006

"Thanks for The Book of the Soul, I haven't been able to put it down. What you say really strikes a cord, almost like remembering rather than learning something new. I feel like I have been asleep for the last 30 years and am devouring information at the moment in my quest to find out who I am and what life is about. I have recommended your book to the few people I know who don't either laugh at me or just look at me like I am mad if I even attempt to discuss this stuff." Sarah Magee, personal correspondence, Apr 2006

"Rational Spirituality elegantly sums up everything I have come to understand about being at this level and puts stress on making sense of experiences, personal and otherwise. Rational Spirituality is something that the western world is in need of, and hopefully can help people become aware of their true natures. Thank you for the opportunity that Rational Spirituality offers." Gina Chartier, personal correspondence, Mar 2006

"Having read many of the books mentioned in The Book of the Soul, I am extremely relieved to find that the ideas and conclusions I reached are shared, and have been distilled and reinforced to the point where something like Rational Spirituality is possible. I think there is a great deal of potential in this area, and many aspects of the spirit to explore scientifically once a firm base has been established. I would be honoured to be able to contribute to this end." Davey Jones, personal correspondence, Feb 2006

"In my view it is well past time certain facts were faced more widely, especially about the spiritual nature of the human species, and you seem to represent such a facing of facts in the classic mode of scientific rationalism, which if it studies facts, works." Oliver Scott, personal correspondence, Feb 2006

"What attracts me the most to Rational Spirituality is that there is no need for faith, and that it is evidence-based." Phil Carrington, personal correspondence, Feb 2006

"I am a clinical hypnotherapist and actively practice past-life work. Much of my work has involved trying to demystify and ground clients and, over the years, myself. I am for anything non hocus-pocus." Simon Hartley, personal correspondence, Feb 2006

"I have read The Book of the Soul, a book I acknowledge as the truth. I feel all my learning of life has been put into a cooking pot and the book is the result!" Elaine Pryde, personal correspondence, Feb 2006

"This is a very significant book and is recommended reading for healers and their clients, and for humanity as a whole." Jean Galbraith, extract from review for Healing Today, Feb 2006

"I read The Book of the Soul and was impressed. This information needs to be more widely known." Greg Meyers, personal correspondence, Jan 2006

"I've believed in reincarnation for many years, but have not found a religion that contains all the things I feel to be true. After reading The Book of the Soul I think that Rational Spirituality makes the most sense." Lynn Voedisch, personal correspondence, Jan 2006

"Your book was a revelation. It affected me at the deepest level, in that I have seen my family as souls in evolution and have been able to take a step back. I think it one of the most extraordinary pieces of spiritual research I have come across. Congratulations and many thanks." Anita Woolf, personal correspondence, Jan 2006

"I've spent several hours with your book, focusing on sections of particular interest. Really nice work, Ian. I'm struck by the overlap of our areas of attention and the people we address, and I find myself repeatedly agreeing with your assessment of persons and issues. Lots of good, hard-hitting, uncommon 'common sense' in your work. Much appreciated." Chris Bache, Author and Professor of Religious Studies at Youngstown State University, personal correspondence, Jan 2006

"There is a vast difference between religion and spirituality. Religion divides us, spirituality unites us. It's time each and every one of us awoke to the fact that we are all one and the same. We are of the same eternal Source and we are all in this for the same end. Ian Lawton has tapped this source and come closer than anyone I've witnessed in making it accessible to all. With love and admiration I wish to be a part of this awakening." James Gobrecht, personal correspondence, Dec 2005

"I loved The Book of the Soul, it has really had an impact on my peace of mind. Thankyou." Tony Millett, personal correspondence, Dec 2005

"The sanity I've been waiting for. A truly objective presentation of spirituality that is just so relevant to the 21st century - where people are moving away from 'religion' but still have a natural thirst for 'spirituality'. Mr Lawton does not dabble in sentiment, religious dogma or old wive's tales. It is a well researched and documented book that will be like a breath of fresh air to any intelligent person with a desire to learn more about spirituality and the truth of our existence. You cannot 'un-learn' the truth so you may find your life changed (I believe for the better) after reading this book. The man deserves a round of applause for putting this book together." Extract from review on, Nov 2005

"You have written a truly great book on spirituality." Ron Bowers, personal correspondence, Oct 2005

"I think The Book of the Soul is one of the best books I have ever read on these topics." Rowland Bowker, personal correspondence, Oct 2005

"I had the pleasure recently of reading The Book of the Soul... Here we have a very unusual book; a book that fills a void in the literature concerning spirituality... Ian’s approach is to gather data gleaned from those he calls 'the pioneering psychologists'... This book will appeal to those who question things of faith because there is no scientific evidence, no way to methodically prove it is a reality. I highly recommend that anyone who wishes to educate as well as help heal souls invest in this book." Extract from review by Lou Siron, Journal of Regression Therapy, May 2005

"I have now finished reading your excellent book The Book of the Soul, which I have found both insightful, mentally provocative and inspirational. I just want to personally thank you for writing this book. As I completed the last pages I knew that I must (after a short time of reflection) begin to reread it straight away. I have recommended it to several others, and wish you much success in terms of sales/distribution." Adam Donaldson Powell, personal correspondence, Mar 2005

"I've read many similar books on the various subjects in your outstanding book, but yours is the best." Richard Hartnett, personal correspondence, Mar 2005

"After finishing this book today I have found a new author whose books I will continue to purchase in future. This book was both interesting and enlightening and a fantastic read. Keep them coming." Posting to The Daily Grail website, Feb 2005

"Lawton is an exhaustive researcher, and goes to great lengths to present the detail behind an often glossed-over subject... A far better offering than the vast majority of so-called 'spiritual' books out there." Extract from review by Greg Taylor, The Daily Grail website, Feb 2005

"Roger Bacon saw that one day science and religion would merge. The Book of the Soul fulfils such a purpose. I cannot say enough good things about this book. It is the only book I know of that combines all of the latest and past research on NDE's, past-life regression, childhood memories of past lives and between life experiences. It is scientific yet eminently readable. The author lays out an impressive case for the continuation of the soul." Extract from review by William House, Reverse Spins website, Jan 2005

"I thought The Book of the Soul was very well written, and an excellent collection of research into a subject which is difficult to penetrate. The fact that many perspectives were mentioned, as opposed to just the author's, gives the book a balanced feel, and it lends credence to its sincerity. I liked the style, and found it very readable. I do of course have my own personal perspective on the topics raised in the book, and so it is of no surprise that I did not agree with all of it. That said, some parts were certainly eye openers and more than once did I find myself shifting ground." Anthony Martin, personal correspondence, Jan 2005

"I really enjoyed this book. It gives you exactly what it says on the cover. It is a rational account of a 'spiritual worldview' as outlined by the author. It's a really good read with an important message. Well researched, scholarly, positive and revolutionary. It's about time for a book like this. I loved it and I think everyone else will too." Extract from review on, Dec 2004

"This is the most daring, thought-provoking but grounded book on reincarnation and karma to have been written to date. As someone coming to the topic of past lives as an arch sceptic before reading this book, it is hard to describe just much it made my head spin and changed my opinion on the matter... I have come away from reading this book with a new appreciation for life and its mysteries. The Book of the Soul has let me think about things on a spiritual level without the baggage of religious dogma but with my ability to think and question things critically intact. I have a strong feeling that others reading it will get the same benefit, so I urge anyone to read this book as soon as possible." Extract from review on, Dec 2004

"This book is so far removed from the usual lightweight, New Age tosh and drivel pumped out by well-meaning but useless authors that it's not only not in the same room, it's on a different continent. Quite simply this is the most comprehensive, objective, well-researched and fascinating book on reincarnation to have been written in the English language. Really, it is that good." Extract from review on, Dec 2004

"I have never heard a more academic, eloquent and rational explanation of karma than the one in this book. Everyone must read it." Extract from review on, Dec 2004

The History of the Soul (formerly Genesis Unveiled)

"I bought Genesis Unveiled a year ago and was astounded by it - particularly the unprecedented notion of disclosing to the reader all of the sources rather than a select few. I've re-read it several times since and pick up new things each time." John Neville, personal correspondence, Dec 2005

"I am currently reading your book Genesis Unveiled and I must say that I am finding it truly fascinating and a great thrill to read. What I love most is your whole approach to a rational spirituality. I really appreciate the work you are doing, I feel it is just what the world needs right now." Andrew Rickards, personal correspondence, Oct 2005

"After reading this book I was flabbergasted by its scholarly and in-depth research. I have read it once only and yet no other book comes close for personal impact, enjoyment and reflection." Mohammed Habib, personal correspondence, Jul 2005

"Genesis Unveiled is probably the most radical of the interpretations of the evidence around for a high culture existing in pre-history. However, it is also one of the most convincing... The ramifications of his arguments are immense and have forced me to radically rethink many of my views on not only pre-history but the future of our own culture. This is not a book for people who like cosy answers to mysteries and who do not want to think. It is also not a book for a lazy reader. However, it is a mind-shattering book and one that anyone who thinks they know about history and pre-history should read." Extract from review on, Nov 2004

"I have almost finished reading Genesis Unveiled and have thoroughly enjoyed it. As someone who reads a lot of revisionist history I have found your approach eminently sensible, logical and, not least, very readable and entertaining. Many such books become heavy going after a few chapters. Yours does not. Looking forward to your next book. I have also read Giza: the Truth and thoroughly enjoyed that too. I must admit that up to that point I had tended to go along with many of the views espoused by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval." Geoff Clifton, personal correspondence, Dec 2003

"I am currently half way through Genesis Unveiled. Thank "God" I am not alone!!!!!. It's the book I would wish to have written so I must congratulate you. I find myself smiling on many accounts." Mike Dunai, personal correspondence, Nov 2003

"I have bought Genesis Unveiled and am at present reading it, I am totally hooked." James Devlin, personal correspondence, Nov 2003

"I just finished reading your book Genesis Unveiled and wow I was taken aback. I want to commend you for this excellent book. You have inspired me. I think we are entering a period where we need to find our spiritual side so we can better understand our present lives and those of our past ancestors who I do believe have been roaming the planet for the last 200,000 years." Maurizio Lo Verso, personal correspondence, Nov 2003

"I have been slowly reading through Genesis Unveiled and thoroughly enjoying it - I like the way that you seem to pull all the various strands together in a fairly unbiased manner, whereas other writers, as you know, often very carefully pick and choose which parts of their research they use." Barry McCann, personal correspondence, Oct 2003

"Just a quick note to let you know that I enjoyed your book tremendously. I appreciated the fact that you could back up everything with some factual information and not go off on a witch hunt as some authors do." Steven Siegel, personal correspondence, Sep 2003

"I have recently purchased a copy of Genesis Unveiled and so far it is proving to be a most fascinating read. I am very interested in this area of study and have read books by Knight and Lomas, Baigent, Gilbert, Temple and Hancock to name but a few, and I must say that some of them appear to go off on a tangent, whilst others only scratch the surface. From what I have read so far, I feel that Genesis Unveiled will set a new standard for authors in this field." Nick Arnold, personal correspondence, Sep 2003

"Just finished Genesis Unveiled and am very impressed. I've been waiting for a book like this for a long time. Its high time the 'alternative' sector came of age and shed off some of the science fiction with the aim of moving towards a cohesive and spiritual historical overview. The book is the perfect antidote to the supermarket spirituality and divergence that stands in the way of a healthily engrained and optimistic collective philosophy. It's also so refreshing to see a critical deconstruction of some of the sacred cows in the esoteric tradition." Theo Sheraton, personal correspondence, Jul 2003

"I read your book and it confirmed a lot of truths and myths that I have ascribed to for some time, but more than that I am a seeker. I'd read a lot of the stuff you referenced and have been waiting for a serious revisionist history of old world texts but more importantly the oral traditions of indigenous peoples especially as I am Polynesian and have long felt that we are one of the last keepers of the sacred flame." Ringo Kid, personal correspondence, Aug 2002

"I view your work as a bold attempt to synthesise archaeology, science and theology in a relatively new(ish) way - one that avoids some of the excesses of biblical archaeology. I am still an agnostic, but I applaud your work." Michael Carmichael, personal correspondence, Aug 2002

The Wisdom of the Soul

"I wanted to let you know that our small A.R.E. study group in Lexington selected your Wisdom of the Soul to study next." Stephen Hall, personal correspondence, Mar 2009

"Similar to, but more in-depth than Michael Newton's books. Fascinating reading. This is one of my favourite books that I consider "true" information, not just entertaining channelling. If you like Brian Weiss and Michael Newton's books, you'll really like this one." Extract from review on, Jan 2009

"This book is similar to those of the famous Michael Newton. Many of the great mysteries of life, such as the activity of our souls before and after life in our current physical bodies are revealed in these profound and astonishing pages. Lawton dares to explore spiritual dimensions which were here-to-fore untapped. Anyone interested in our afterlife cannot go wrong with this book!" Extract from review on, Jul 2008

"I found this book to be an excellent follow-up to Michael Newton’s books... The Wisdom of the Soul is well thought out and organized. Lawton even includes his list of questions in the appendices in case someone else would like to continue this exploration... The concept/idea of this experiment is brilliant... This book is going on the recommended reading list for my classes in Reincarnation and Past Life Journeys and Spiritual Regression, as well as the suggested reading page on my website. It is an excellent resource and a good read!" Extract from review by Virginia Waldron, Journal of Regression Therapy, Sep 2007

"Science is meaningless, said Tolstoy, because it fails to answer the transcendent question, “What shall we do and how shall we live?” True enough, but the methods of science can help us find the answers if we ask good questions. Ian Lawton, in The Wisdom of the Soul, has done just this... Lawton’s comments are always interesting, balanced and to the point. I thought this research well conceived and carefully executed, and it is very encouraging to find research of this calibre in interactive, altered state work... The Wisdom of the Soul is an excellent book, well conceived, well argued and well written. I recommend it to all who in asking Tolstoy’s question are open to answers from the hidden sources from beyond." Extract from review by Alan Sanderson, Spirit Release Foundation Newsletter, Aug 2007

"The subjects' responses are amazing, and even though I thought I knew a bit about this type of thing it just makes you want to sit and think about things a lot more deeply. I'm sure that anyone reading it will at least rethink their general day-to-day existence." Mark Goodman, private correspondence, Jan 2007

"Wow!!! Many of the very questions I had. And the answers are consistent with what I have been thinking. It opens up some interesting further questions and possible interpretations. It also pulls you along by the sheer magnitude of the questions and answers. The sections on the purpose of reincarnation and on reality and time were fantastic! All in all, I am awed and humbled by the information." Philip Karhu, private correspondence, Jan 2007

"I particularly like the holographic soul viewpoint, and also the new terminologies such as altruistic lives and skills, relayering and delayering, and proactive and reactive patterns. It seems like you're slowly gaining a respectable Interlife nomenclature!" Ashley Bradbury, personal correspondence, Jan 2007

Your Holographic Soul

"Reading this book is like engaging in the deepest possible spiritual conversation with a wise friend. It is willing to try and answer all the important questions about life, the universe and everything everyone else usually likes to dodge. The refreshment of reading an intensely mystical work free from the language of pretension and dogma is immense. From the most personal relationships to the reason the universe even exists, here is a book that is not afraid to offer the most radical but engaging perspectives on the things that matter most." David Southwell, personal correspondence, Feb 2010

"This is a great piece of work, collating many ideas and concepts and concisely putting them across to the reader seeking to understand more of who they are, why they are here and how to practically live here on a daily basis." Hazel Newton, personal correspondence, Feb 2010

The Future of the Soul

"I'd like to thank you (and the council) from the heart for publishing The Future of the Soul. I've just finished my second reading! The whole book and message really resonates with me, and somehow released some resistance in me, which is positively altering my energy and what it creates for me. For anyone like me who wants to create more love and acceptance in my (and the) world, the message of 'all is as it should be' released all judgement and resistance I might have had. I also now live and create more from my soul rather than my mind... and it feels wonderful!" Isabelle Walker-Lefebvre, personal correspondence, May 2011

"Much has been written about what we may expect, but this extraordinary book, channelled via medium and healer Janet Treloar, gives a sweeping overview of an evolutionary process that we are all privileged to be part of. Approached with an open mind and a flexibility of spirit, this book can't fail to have an impact." Penny Fuller,, Jul 2010

The Gift

"Anyone who may be going through a life crisis or just wanting further guidance on their spiritual path to enlightenment would be well served by reading this book. Stick with it, because it really is an easy read once you realise it has true manifestation potential!" Extract from review on, Aug 2014