"Thoroughly researched and clearly explained - essential information. These books are among the best out there - go straight to them and you won't have to wade through a whole lot of confusing and contradictory stuff! PS - I'm not being paid by the author for this, nor do I know him at all - I just genuinely think his books are excellent." Review on, Jun 2019


"I think you have done a marvellous job presenting all of the technicalities of the information in an understandable format… I didn’t think I would like reading something by someone who doesn’t travel OOB himself, but I think you have gone beyond and perfectly encapsulated other people’s experiences. Also, I liked the small section you wrote on your own personal life and some troubles you have experienced. That makes you feel relatable as a human being and a person… I have so many books to get through but I will certainly be interested in purchasing your two sequels… This is clearly a life-style choice and passion of yours, thank you for sharing." Robin Bamford, personal correspondence, Sep 2020

"A fine piece of writing and research, right at the head of the class. A really valuable contribution to our evolving understanding of the field of consciousness research." Gordon Phinn, out-of-body pioneer and author of 'More Adventures in Eternity', Oct 2019

"An intellectual treat, and an invitation to a deeper conversation about the true nature of this strange life we lead." Frank DeMarco, co-founder of Hampton Roads and author of 'The Cosmic Internet', Oct 2019

"Your books are incredibly helpful - among the best out there." Frank Metz, personal correspondence, Mar 2018

"I think Supersoul and The Power of You are by far the most cutting edge research I've read in a long time. It's a shame other writers aren't joining the dots like you've done, then perhaps your work will gain more validation." Marc Fletcher, personal correspondence, Jul 2017

"I have read lots of books dealing with spiritual topics. Your latest books belong to the best in this field. They are highly interesting and provide a lot of food for thought. I totally resonate with you supersoul model. I think you are doing a great job and I am very grateful to you for having written your books which are really inspiring." Ingolf Erben, personal correspondence, Jul 2017

"An excellent book, at the forefront of research into these areas. Fascinating subjects covered, for anyone interested in leading-edge information into the nature of the self, consciousness and spirit." Review on, Jun 2015

"The book is excellent in every way… a thought-provoking summary of research and a compilation of metaphysics, of spirituality and of the science of everything. A 'must read' for everyone who is interested in what life is all about." Review on, Jun 2014

"Lawton noticed that a number of unrelated sources, some channelled, some not, imply that our true nature is not existence as isolated souls, but participants in a larger group soul, to which we are something like the pseudopod of an amoeba. His book puts together information from many sources into an intelligent and thoughtful synthesis of his own, which concludes that we are, indeed, parts of what he calls a supersoul. His research is both excellent and well-documented – a rare virtue in books of this kind – and his writing, though rapid and unpretentious, is clear and easy-to-read… I have read a very large number of books on the general topic of the paranormal and the afterlife, and consider this a real addition to the field." Extract from review on, Jul 2014

"As in The Big Book of the Soul, Ian Lawton continues his exploration of the structure of the spiritual world. In Supersoul, Ian researches the accounts of various people who have had out-of-body experiences and tries to pull them together into three possible models of soul activity. Basically he asks, 'What is an oversoul, and what is it doing'? I think this a great book for anyone who is interested in exploring the mysteries of existence. Ian is quite sincere in his efforts and does a fantastic job of organizing and laying out the material. He's definitely a person I would like to spend time with asking questions. This and The Big Book of the Soul have made a permanent mark on how I see the world I live in. The material may sound a bit fantastic or perplexing, but it is certainly worth considering." Review on, Feb 2014

"I received my copy last week and can't put it down. For anyone sincerely interested in unlocking the mysteries of consciousness and creation I highly recommend reading this book. What Ian has done has put together the experiences and explorations of the many people who have been able to project their consciousness outside of their physical body and collate their experiences into an objective view of reality and creation… As far as I have read, Ian is the only author who has now objectively collated and discerned such a wide range of material and attempted to put the jigsaw together in terms of how we can understand consciousness that lies beyond our conscious self… I believe ultimately this book has greatly enhanced my knowing that we are also nonphysical beings with a nonphysical self that we have forgotten and for the most part do not have conscious access to. I am excited at the possibilities of awakening and accessing our greater self and this book has shown anyone can do so if they have the intention… I would say this is an awesome attempt in putting the jigsaw together whilst also honouring the experiences and testimonies of all those who have accessed the mysteries of nonphysical reality and life beyond our finite physical self." Extract from review on, Dec 2013

The Power of You

"Ian Lawton has certainly produced a phenomenal book when it comes to combining spirituality and personal development… I cannot recommend it too highly. If you are like me, once you have read it you will order other books in the series. Lawton’s theories will make you think, will challenge your worldview and will ultimately empower you. And if they empower you they will contribute to the empowerment of humanity, something I have been working towards along with millions of others all my life… Stunning." Extract from review on, Jan 2020

"An enormously empowering and exciting read. It explains brilliantly just how powerful we all are, and I recommend it to anyone wishing to create their greatest life now." Sue Stone, motivational author and speaker and founder of the Sue Stone Foundation, Oct 2019

"Brilliant content and well researched. Empowering guidance from various spiritual sources, presented in a logical sequence. Highly recommended." Review on, Mar 2018

"Thought provoking and as usual well researched and mind blowing." Review on, May 2016

"An excellent book on the subject of our innate potential and on living our lives to the fullest. Well worth a read." Review on, Jun 2015

"Your new material feels as close to 'truth' as I've encountered during my extensive and lengthy spiritual journey, and as an illustration of its impact on me I'm immediately embarking on a second reading of POY in order to fully absorb the multitude of powerful messages. Most breathtaking of all is the 'we are all God-Creators' image - the potential that holds for the transformation of mankind is stunning in its scope and vision. I'm now planning on engaging fully with the suggestions put forward in your book - I've always believed in putting theories into action and I'm rather keen on becoming a god incarnate and living my life in joy and luxury. Thanks again for getting hold of this material and for getting it out there - I believe that in years to come you will be seen as one of the most significant and important Spiritual messengers of the modern age, so please continue your exploration of our potential." Duncan Bain Smith, personal correspondence, Dec 2014


"The non physical aspect of death is detailed comprehensively in this book. Written objectively and extremely well referenced, it makes reading a pleasure. If you see death as an adventure, natural and not to be feared then you will enjoy this book." Review on, May 2020

"Having read Supersoul, I progressed onto Afterlife. Having written and researched these subjects all my adult life I was very impressed with Ian's in depth knowledge in these subjects. It took me until my mid 40s before I had any direct evidence for an alternate consciousness. It cannot be explained rationally, and being a very subjective experience I find it very refreshing when authors such as Ian are not afraid to forensically examine parapsychology to this level. If my own experience is connected to this wondrous sounding journey, then it enhances my perception of what may, indeed is, to come. Personally I found there were many parallels to the famous Scole Experiment, particularly in Afterlife, whilst Living Energies by Coates, along with The Holographic Universe by Talbot and the vast spiritual knowledge and work of Rudolf Steiner reflect Ian's excellent theory in SuperSoul." Review on, Jan 2020

"I loved this book. You can almost read it like a thriller going from one experience to another . A real rollercoaster of a ride. Made complete sense and even if you are a sceptic it might help you to go through this life with an open mind. Thank you Ian Lawton!" Review on, Dec 2019

"Brilliant distillation of all the best information out there about what happens when we die. Thoroughly researched - huge respect to Ian Lawton for all that hard work - and incredibly liberating. I have been on the 'search' for many years, and have found this book so helpful in the many ways it gives a completely different perspective from that of the different religions and belief systems. Highly recommended, as are Ian Lawton's other books." Review on, Dec 2019

"Brilliant distillation of all the best information out there about what happens when we die. Thoroughly researched - huge respect to Ian Lawton for all that hard work - and incredibly liberating. I have been on the 'search' for many years, and have found this book so helpful in the many ways. It gives a completely different perspective from that of the different religions and belief systems. Highly recommended, as are Ian Lawton's other books." Review on, Nov 2019

"Subject to its human limitations this is a seriously informative and worthy production." Review on, Oct 2019

"I'm not even 20% through the book, and it's information-dense in the most page-turning way. If you (like me) are both interested in this topic and regularly dismayed about the light and speculative nature of most related books, this one is a welcome change. A thing I've noticed in books on these subjects is I frequently run into information that's not fleshed out and there are 'steps missing' between what we understand and what their authors are saying. Not here, everything is amazingly detailed with surgical precision to where there's not been one point where I have to 'look it up later'. All of the groundwork is covered from every angle going into the central part of the book, and it's so unlike related books I've read in so many ways. In the few days I've had it, I find it impossible to put down once I pick it up, and it's kept me up late more than once. Basically, in my opinion, this book is worth 25 standard 'afterlife' books - good ones at that. I feel like this book could change the minds of many, many materialists I know. It's excellent." Review on, Oct 2019

"Incredible, rich, informative, rewarding and hugely entertaining. Surely the most extensively researched book on the afterlife of all time." Jurgen Ziewe, out-of-body pioneer and author of 'Multidimensional Man', Oct 2019

"Easily the best all-round guide available. No question it's the foremost in the field." Gordon Phinn, out-of-body pioneer and author of 'More Adventures in Eternity', Oct 2019

"Afterlife offers as comprehensive a guide to the spiritual realm as you could hope for. Lucidly written and well referenced, it is a must read for spiritual travellers seeking a greater understanding of life's purpose." Victor Olliver, Editor of the 'Astrological Journal', Oct 2019

"This publication could quite justifiably be described as encyclopedic. One might well regard it as a reference rather than a straight read from cover to cover, dipping to it where you feel you want to find some information... It is a seriously informative and worthy production." Review on, Sep 2019

"A comprehensive and fascinating look at the afterlife, the result of years of work by the author. Ian presents a much more rounded picture than many other books on the same topic, and this unique book is highly recommended." Review on, Sep 2019

"The book is unique and highly recommendable for all people who are interested in the afterlife topic. There is no better afterlife book on the market." Review on, Jul 2019

"This book is unique and highly recommendable... There is no better afterlife book on the market." Review on, Jul 2019

"The best book I have ever read on the afterlife." Suzi Smith, facebook post, Jan 2019

What Jesus Was Really Saying

"This book is fantastic, it's one of those I've always wanted to read. Full of brave opinions, consistent, interesting, with the correct 'flow'." Review on, Jan 2020

"Yet another very interesting and readable book from the author. The life of Jesus is analysed from a rational point of view, pointing out that miracles can be done by mere mortals. As usual, the author has researched the subject thoroughly and ideas are well supported by quotes and evidence. We are shown that Jesus was actually teaching people to empower themselves to make differences in their lives rather than placing their faith in religious leaders. The book has got me thinking of Jesus being human like the rest of us rather than a son of a god, and his life and teachings actually become even more significant when seen in that light." Review on, Sep 2016

"I am reading all of Ian Lawton's books as they become published. He is highly readable although highly challenging. This book can be read in a couple of hours but will provoke much thought and reflection afterwards. It does, however, involve a rethink of traditional Christian thought and certainly the institutions it created. It was a book I needed to read for a greater understanding of Jesus's ministry distilled down to its basic message. I would recommend this book and indeed all of his work actually. It can be mind blowing at times! As a consultant clinical psychologist I wish I had had this work years ago to help understand life in general and suffering in particular." Review on, Mar 2016

Sh*t Doesn't Just Happen!!

"Great book, highly recommended." Review on, Feb 2018

Death Is An Adventure!!

"Really good summary of the detailed information he gives in Afterlife." Review on, Jan 2020

Lucid and detailed discussion for advanced seekers of afterlife info. Interesting synthesis and hypothesis describing situations which really are extremely difficult and perhaps indescribable to persons at our level of development but kudos to the author for trying and keeping it all consistent and with a humane and intelligent sensibility throughout. Look forward to more such synthesis works as OOB and channeled literature continues evolving, I esp appreciate someone as thorough and conscientious as the author doing all the heavy lifting research for us. I esp hope he continues providing a counterpoint for the numerous soul contract books out there which I believe can have a. Potentially detrimental effect on ideas of free will - these books truly worry me." Review on, Dec 2019

The God Who Sometimes Screwed Up

"This well written and interesting book is a memoir on two levels. The first level is where he recaps his physical life, his parents, family, his early years as a motorcycle and auto racer, his loves, his career, his moves etc. I learned a lot about racing from reading this (I had no previous knowledge). He makes you feel the thrills and chills of a race - and the dangers… But the second level is by far the most interesting. Here we see the evolution of his thinking. He goes from pure 3D materialist to a lofty spiritual consciousness. It is well worth reading the book just to read the final chapter… He is not just 'talking the talk, he is walking the walk'." Joe Poloansky, Diamond Fire Magazine, Dec 2018

"This is what spirituality is about. The journey, not the arrival. The thinking you have the absolutely definite answer to the meaning of life, then watching it all crumble before your eyes so you have to go back to square one. Giving space for the heart to expand, not the head to dictate. How we cope with getting up and dusting ourselves off defines how far we progress along the spiritual path, and Ian demonstrates his skill in this respect in all kinds of scenarios: coming off bikes at high speed, crashing cars at high speed, being hit by a car in a car park and thrown up in the air (you need to read the book to find out what happens here) but also falling madly, deeply in love, only to see that come crashing down too. Is there a theme here? Yes. It’s the real life story of a red-blooded male who despite wanting big, fast boy toys and nice women, also craves a sense of belonging and completion in his emotional and spiritual life. Read it. This guy can write." Review on, Dec 2018

"I've read most of Ian's books and this is the best one by far the simple reason he writes it from his heart. It covers his spiritual life journey – from an atheist working in corporate to become one of the leading international writers of spiritual books. When I got a copy I couldn't put it down until I'd read it all. Highly recommended." Review on, Dec 2018