Have you had enough of gurus with perfect lives?
Do you want to read about someone who doesn't always get it right? Someone who struggles with life sometimes, like all normal people?
Yet someone who still insists that every single one of us is a 'creator god' with unlimited power to fashion the experience we have on Earth?

From conventional beginnings as an Economics student and accountant with an inherited passion for racing bikes and cars, the author has since found himself morphing into a number of quite unexpected roles. From pyramid explorer, through researcher of ancient history, to spiritual philosopher with multiple books to his name – with a focus on evidence and rationality rather than faith and belief. Alongside all this he started off having it all, fell into victimhood during a long, dark night of the soul, then finally learned to take complete responsibility for his experience.

This is his unconventional, topsy-turvy life presented in full, warts-and-all. Despite reaching the understanding that each of us is a creator god who can fashion our life to be whatever we want, he still manages to royally screw up in some areas of his life. Why? Because using the 'law of attraction' to consciously create outcomes we desire can be hard – and anyone who pretends otherwise is fooling themselves and others.

The problem is that much of what we experience is dictated by our subconscious thoughts, beliefs, conditioning, expectations and so on, and these often exert a far greater influence than our conscious mind. So all we can do is try to maximise the extent to which we're creating consciously rather than unconsciously... and honour ourselves for doing our best.

Opening Chapter


A time to act

1989: I come, I see, I conquer

1996: A girl turns my head

1998: The search for truth begins

2004: An uncomfortable past

2008: The time of my life

2011: My dark night of the soul

2012: Everything must change

2016: The creating never stops

2017: Endgame

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