Published as a coherent whole for the first time in 2020, this series of books deals with Giza, Atlantis and Mesopotamia respectively, and its title requires a little explanation. First, I chose the word prehistoric simply because historic alone would convey a false context. Yet all three do at least partly cover the period of humanity's development after written records came into being.

Second, and perhaps rather more contentious, is the choice of the word truth in the title both of the series and of the books themselves. This originally sprang from the fact that the first volume was named Giza: The Truth by Virgin Books some twenty years ago. But the continued creation and dissemination of wild, alternative theories about ancient human history and prehistory in the interim has led me to the conclusion that, just as in modern politics and life in general, there's so much 'fake news' around that a dose of reality is more than ever required.

Of course that doesn't, however, mean I believe myself to have a monopoly on truth in these matters. All I strive to do is research and write with the maximum integrity and scholarship of which I’m capable, and to present both sides of the coin where necessary and possible, so readers can make up their own minds about the validity or otherwise of my conclusions. Basically I'm just trying to reintroduce a little dose of sanity and discrimination into the various debates, so that people with little time to properly research these matters for themselves aren't led completely astray by outlandish ideas that have little basis in reality.

There is, after all, more than enough that we still don't properly understand about human prehistory, and new discoveries are being made all the time by professional historians and archaeologists. So we hardly need to invent apparent 'mysteries' that have little foundation... however much the human mind may be fascinated by such things.