Spiritual Esoterica

These papers cover a variety of relatively sophisticated spiritual topics.


Fascinating email from a correspondent published under the heading The Path of Illusion and Self-Realisation: A Real-Life Experience. It concerns his involvement with a Vedanta School for many years, and how the discussion of the 'Illusion versus Experience Models' in the final chapter of The Big Book of the Soul has finally helped him to see through the pitfalls of the former. May his experience reach out and help others who have followed the same path but perhaps felt increasingly uneasy with it.


Link to Thomas Campbell's Big Theory of Everything website (downloading his London lecture slides is recommended); this is a fascinating attempt to integrate science, spirituality and philosophy, and is highly consistent with Rational Spirituality in terms of the Experience Model and the holographic soul. (My thanks to correspondent Richard Storey for bringing this work to my attention.)


Paper by Eva Pierrakos, the Pathwork medium, on Mediumship. This is probably the finest available description of how mediumship and channelling works, and why it is not always reliable.


Paper by IL entitled Reality and Time. This discusses the ideas of creating our own reality, many worlds and concurrent lives. (This is an updated version of a 2005 paper.)


Paper by IL entitled The Seth Material. This was channeled via Jane Roberts from 1963 to 1984. Although it includes corroboration of the interlife experience, it also includes somewhat contradictory views on creating reality, multiple realities/worlds and concurrent lives, as well as somewhat dubious historical material. (This is an updated version of a 2005 paper.)


Paper by IL entitled Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now.


Paper by IL entitled Psychedelic Experiences in a Rational Spiritual Context. This includes sections on the different types of psychedelic experience; on comparison with the interlife experience; on their verifiable aspects; and on their therapeutic qualities.

The Interlife Experience

This topic is covered in full in Chapter 6 of The Big Book of the Soul.


Extract from Chapter 6 of The Big Book of the Soul entitled Fluidity and Individuality.


Extract from the introduction to The Wisdom of the Soul entitled A Summary of the Interlife Experience. This summarizes the five consistent elements of the experience under the headings 'Transition and Healing', 'Past-Life Review', 'Soul Group Interaction', 'Next-Life Planning' and 'Returning'.

Past-Life Regression with Adults

This topic is covered in full in Chapter 3 of The Big Book of the Soul.

Adults who Spontaneously Remember Past Lives

This topic is briefly mentioned at the end of Chapter 2 of The Big Book of the Soul.


Brief report by IL entitled Looking for Big Bill about a possible spontaneous past-life memory.

Children who Remember Past Lives

This topic is covered in full in Chapter 2 of The Big Book of the Soul.


Link to website featuring new book about the James Leininger case, entitled Soul Survivor; (see also video below).


The full version of The Past Life Memories of James Leininger from Acadiana Profile Magazine; (see also video below).


Cameron Macaulay's past-life recall featured in the documentary The Boy Who Lived Before; (see also video below).


An important, verified case of spontaneous childhood recall of a past life, that of Taranjit Singh, as investigated by Indian scientist Vikram Raj Singh Chauhan.

Near-Death Experiences

This topic is covered in full in Chapter 1 of The Big Book of the Soul.




This series of 258 channelled lectures are discussed in Chapter 7 of The Big Book of the Soul, but this introduction and accompanying download provides considerably more detail.


Paper by IL entitled An Introduction to Pathwork.

Topics from the Original Book of the Soul

These papers cover important topics originally covered in some detail in The Book of the Soul but not in the revised Big Book of the Soul. They include mostly the original material from 2004 with limited updates in 2008 where appropriate.


Extracts from Chapter 10 in the form of a paper entitled Spiritual Miscellanea. This includes sections on the logistics of reincarnation, and animal and extraterrestrial souls; on incarnations on other planets; on evolution by intelligent design, and the human blueprint; on Atlantis and Lemuria, and incarnation in pre-human form; and on levels of amnesia, and humanity's fall from grace.


Chapter 9 Spirit Possession. This includes sections on soul energy division; on spirit possession; on demonic possession; on soul fragmentation; on walk-ins; on the soul as individuality; and on imprints and cross-talk.


Chapter 8 Hypnotic Progression. This includes sections on individual progressions in current lives; on group expectations of catastrophe; on group progressions to the twenty-second and twenty-fourth centuries; on individual progressions into future lives; on detailed but changeable futures; and on the pre-eminence of choice and free will.


Extract from Chapter 1 entitled Torture During the Inquisition. This is mainly a transcript of one of IL's own past-life regressions.



Past-Life Regression

Peter Ramster's 1983 film The Reincarnation Experiments (for full analysis of these mainly strong veridical cases see The Big Book of the Soul, chapter 3, pp. 102-13 and 117-20):

   Part 1: Introduction

   Part 2: Cynthia Henderson case

   Part 3: Cynthia Henderson case (cont)

   Part 4: Helen Pickering case

   Part 5: Helen Pickering case (cont)

   Part 6: Helen Pickering case (cont) and Jenny Green case

   Part 7: Jenny Green case (cont)

   Part 8: Jenny Green case (cont) and Gwen McDonald case

   Part 9: Gwen McDonald case (cont)

   Part 10: Gwen McDonald case (cont)

   Part 11: Gwen McDonald case (cont) and Conclusion

Extract from US 'Proof Positive' documentary about Robert Snow (for full analysis of this inconclusive case see The Big Book of the Soul, chapter 3, pp. 87-90):

   Part 1

Children who Remember Past Lives

2004 ABC News documentary about James Leininger (for full story see here, and for full analysis of this strong veridical case see The Big Book of the Soul, chapter 2, pp. 30-5):

   Part 1

   Part 2

2006 UK Channel 5 documentary 'The Boy Who Lived Before' about Cameron Macaulay, investigated by Jim Tucker (an interesting but inconclusive case, unusual for being investigated properly as it developed):

   Part 1

   Part 2

   Part 3

   Part 4

   Part 5



Past-Life and Interlife Regression

Spiritual Regression Therapy Association founded by Andy Tomlinson

Society for Spiritual Regression founded by Michael Newton

European Academy of Regression Therapy (EARTh) founded by Hans TenDam

Woolger Training International run by Roger Woolger

International Association of Regression Research and Therapies (IARRT)

International Board for Regression Therapy (IBRT)

Children who Remember Past Lives

The University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies headed by Bruce Greyson (NDEs) assisted by Jim Tucker (past lives)

Near-Death Experiences

Near-Death Experiences hosted by Kevin Williams

Toward the Light hosted by Rev Juliet Nightingale

Networks, Magazines, Event Listings etc.

L'Eveil Spirituel Rationnel or The Rational Spirituality Awakening founded in France by Marc Gotti

Princeton Global Consciousness Project

Scientific and Medical Network A professionally-based organisation that challenges so-called scientific materialism

Spirit Release Foundation founded by Alan Sanderson

Pathwork Lectures channeled by Eva Pierrakos

Kindred Spirit The UK's market-leading spiritual magazine

Edge Media TV Groundbreaking satellite channel concentrating on alternative and spiritual issues

Watkins Mind Body Spirit An excellent magazine covering new esoteric and spiritual books, edited by Stephen Gawtry

Victor Zammit on the evidence for life after death

Wessex Research Group Events listings

Spirit Guides Network Events listings

Daily Grail An unrivalled source of alternative news and views run by Greg Taylor

Nexus An excellent alternative magazine, edited by Duncan Roads

Atlantis Rising An excellent alternative magazine edited by Douglas Kenyon

New Dawn An excellent alternative and spiritual magazine edited by David Jones

Hera An excellent alternative magazine in Italian edited by Adriano Forgione

Internet Sacred Texts Archive An incredible source of ancient, sacred or highly-acclaimed texts on-line

Holy Books A similarly wide-ranging source of spiritual and sacred texts