Supersoul Spirituality is a framework of understanding that I began to develop in late 2012, which has taken me away from the traditional reincarnational focus that had dominated my 'Rational Spirituality' for more than a decade. It takes you on a journey to unlock your true divinity... to remind you that, however insignificant or troubled you might feel, behind the illusion you're a magnificent being of unparalleled wisdom and creative power.

This radical new worldview opens up huge possibilities for us all as we collectively pioneer the most exciting change in human consciousness ever witnessed on planet earth. It is expounded in the seven-volume Supersoul Series of books, all published since 2013. This includes three research books: Supersoul, The Power of You and Afterlife. It is also explained in simpler and more digestible ways in What Jesus Was Really Saying, Sh*t Doesn't Just Happen!!, Death Is An Adventure!! and the autobiographical God Who Sometimes Screwed Up, and in the fictional The Girl Who Learned to Live.


Perhaps for the first time Supersoul Spirituality coherently merges three well-known precepts to which we often pay lip service, but whose full implications have usually been avoided:

  • Everything is happening in the now Time is only a form of illusion that allows us to make sense of our experience of this plane. But fundamentally, as so many wise spiritual sources have told us down the ages, past and future don't exist – there's only now. Another way of putting this is that time is a 'discrete series of now-moments'. Implication Our various lives are simultaneous, not consecutive. Irrespective of what human era they appear to involve, all 'life personalities' or 'soul aspects' are operating alongside each other, rather than one after the other. This idea is extremely difficult to understand in any fully logical way with our merely human brains, but it's the clear implication of the idea that, fundamentally, only now exists. The further implication, of course, is that it no longer makes sense to talk about past-life karma or next-life plans. Nevertheless it remains clear that each of us has a set of what I call 'birth givens', and that these vary widely – in terms of not just our sex but also our main psychological and physical traits and propensities, and the ethnicity, socio-economic position and geographical location of our parents.

  • Each of us is a god in our own right The choice of our birth givens must fall to a level of our consciousness operating outside of space-time, whose aim is only to expand itself through different experiences in different worlds and realities via different forms. I call this the supersoul to distinguish it from the higher self or oversoul, both of which terms are used in different and conflicting contexts. This is a level of individuated consciousness repeatedly described by pioneering out-of-body explorers, whose initial encounters with such loving, creative and wise entities lead them to think they're in the presence of a truly divine being – until they come to realise this is just another aspect of themselves, and it's actually who they really are. Supersouls are the very entities who create whole new universes to play in – or, looking at it another way, new simulations in a vast digital game. Yet we should be clear that there are myriad supersouls projecting aspects of themselves just into this version of the game called 'human life on Earth', so we're talking about something quite different from any concept of 'Source' or 'universal consciousness'. Implication If only we understood just how powerful we really are, and that we've only temporarily taken on the form of human actors in a grand play, we might finally recognise that we're not just limited and puny beings constantly buffeted by God's will, outrageous fortune and so on.
  • The law of attraction reigns supreme Both experienced out-of-body explorers, and deceased spirits channelling their afterlife experiences back to us, report that in higher planes their thoughts and emotions instantly translate into what they experience. The same principle underlies our Earth reality. However here the constraints of space-time mean there's usually a time delay between thought and manifested result. Meanwhile the fact that ours is a 'consensus' or shared reality – in which our own thoughts and intentions are mingling and sometimes competing with those of our fellows around us – means the link between thought and manifested result is even more difficult to trace. Couple this with the fact that our subconscious thoughts and beliefs are hugely powerful and often in conflict with our conscious desires, and you have the recipe for a hugely persuasive illusion where it seems that things are happening to us. But they're not. Instead everything each one of us experiences is, one way or another, created or attracted by us. Implication As all of the wisest channelled sources have been telling us for the last fifty years, the reality we're experiencing only acts as a mirror that projects our own thoughts and beliefs back to us. Of course this doesn’t apply until we become adults and take on full responsibility for ourselves – which happens at different times for different individuals – and it’s also subject to any insurmountable limitations imposed by our birth givens.


Soul consciousness is holographic. We are both individual aspects of our supersoul, and full holographic representations of it, all at the same time. However this does not mean that soul individuality is in itself an illusion. The principle of the hologram is that the part contains the whole, and yet is clearly distinguishable from it.

The primary aim of all supersouls, in diversifying into all the many holographic soul aspects of themselves that operate in a multitude of realms throughout a multitude of universes, is to experience all that is and can be. So as individualised aspects of our supersoul we have been projected into this 'earth' reality to paint the best picture we can with the palette of 'birth givens' mixed for us by our supersoul.

A supersoul is a grouping of hundreds, maybe thousands, of souls. Myriads of supersouls are projecting individual soul aspects of themselves into this and myriad other realities, meaning they are very far from the ultimate consciousness. Yet to be fully connected to your supersoul is to have boundless wisdom and creative power, and as a full holographic representation of it you're already more divine than you can hope to conceive – divine enough, even, to nullify further speculation about what lies beyond.


Supersoul Spirituality can also be summarised and formulated into an entirely new set of principles on which we can base our experience as spiritual-yet-human beings, which are very different from those of Rational Spirituality:

1. We are holographic, expeditionary projections sent out by a supersoul consciousness possessing a wisdom and power of divine proportions. Myriad supersouls are involved in the simulation game we call ‘human life on earth’, which is just one of myriad different realities they project aspects of themselves into.

2. After death we continue to identify with the personality of the life we just left, so this and the individual ‘soul’ are the same consciousness.

3. Although we’re engaged in the expansion of consciousness, we don’t develop in a linear fashion as we move from one reincarnatory life to another. Instead the lives of all souls projected by the supersoul are happening at the same time – even if they’re operating in different human eras.

4. ‘My’ many lives means nothing unless we’re genuinely adopting our supersoul level of consciousness, which involves appreciating that we’re far more powerful and multi-faceted than we normally recognise. Any experiences we have of ‘past’ or ‘future’ lives are most likely those of other ‘resonant souls’ projected by our supersoul with whom we have an especially close connection – for example because of strongly shared traits or challenges, or because they act as contrasts.

5. Each of us is fundamentally responsible for creating our own experience in each moment of now. We are not limited by ‘past karma’, whether from this life or a supposedly previous one, unless we believe we are. Nor will other resonant souls tend to be able to exert a strongly disruptive influence over us unless we believe they can and choose to let them.

6. Our supersoul chooses our ‘birth givens’, and these vary considerably. They include our own sex, our main psychological and physical traits and propensities – in terms of both challenges and strengths – and the ethnicity, socio-economic position and geographical location of our parents. On that basis we’re here to ‘paint the best picture we can with the palette we’ve been given’. Other than that any pre-birth planning of events in our adult lives, or ‘soul contracts’ with others, are probably kept to a minimum to give us maximum free will to direct our experience. It is also unlikely that most of us have a preplanned ‘life purpose’, because again this would tend to detract from our free will to follow whatever purpose we desire – and to change that purpose, should we so choose, at any time.

7. Angels and guides may well be other aspects of our own supersoul, and they won’t tend to interfere with our experience on the basis that they supposedly ‘know best’ and ‘want to keep us on our path’. Usually therefore synchronicities will only represent the sophisticated underlying dynamics of how our own creation and attraction process crystallises into our experience.

8. Having said that, insights and guidance are always available if we proactively ask for them, or if we attract them to ourselves automatically by our conscious intentions and actions. Such guidance might come, for example, from wiser, non-incarnate aspects of our supersoul, or from other resonant souls – perhaps even operating in the ‘future’ – who have overcome similar challenges. By the same token we can provide guidance to them by overcoming our own challenges, if they’re open to it.

9. On rare occasions we might make a new agreement with our supersoul, at a subconscious level, to take on a new challenge in our adult lives. But it’s always best to take responsibility for any challenge by assuming you created or attracted it, or at least by knowing you control your reaction to it. Any tendency to ascribe challenges to ‘past’ karma, life plans or soul contracts can lead to an abrogation of responsibility for what we’re creating in the now, and detract from our extensive power to turn any situation around.

10. Under the supersoul model everything can be seen as altruistic, because everything that each soul experiences is designed to add to the databanks of the parent consciousness. Any particularly challenging circumstances or birth givens can best be seen in the context of ‘taking one for the team’, and each of us can be characterised as a ‘lead representative of team supersoul gaining experience at the coalface of space-time on behalf of the collective’.


The latter tends to identify, working from the bottom up, a life personality that incarnates, then a higher self that starts off as a complete beginner but is enhanced or grows as a result of its repeated incarnations. By contrast the supersoul model contends that each life personality is one of a myriad of essentially separate projections from a supersoul that was already supremely wise and divine when it and its fellows created the earth game and various variants thereof. Moreover that each life personality carries exactly the same awareness into the afterlife planes that it had in its earthly life, but then is able to grow and expand in these planes as slow or as fast as it desires – until finally it starts to become fully aware of the supersoul consciousness of which it is just one projection, and of the other projections from that supersoul that have been operating alongside it. There is a substantial difference between the two models.

So we might wonder why the idea of reincarnation, in terms of one life after another, ever entered the human psyche, if it’s basically no more than a fabrication? I believe the answer may lie in a gradual process of revelation of what we as a race could usefully assimilate as we evolved. In highly simplistic terms we could argue that initially our various religions tended to assume that one or more gods were entirely responsible for determining our fate. Then, over time, because it was desirable that we should develop a greater degree of responsibility, the twin ideas of karma and reincarnation were introduced. However in more traditional religions karma can still be used as an argument for predestination, which isn’t really what was intended. More recently, therefore, the idea that we ourselves are responsible for planning the challenges of each of our succession of lives was introduced, which shifts the burden of responsibility much more onto each of us. Yet still this could be used as an excuse for an element of predetermination.

So, finally, we come to the concept of simultaneous lives. Even though it’s very difficult for us to conceptualise, which is arguably why we’ve been so slow to even try to consider its full implications, one of these is that it does remove all possible excuses for not taking personal responsibility for everything each of us is creating in each moment of now. There is no longer any capricious deity, or past-life karma, or life planning to fall back on and blame for adverse circumstances.

Supersoul Spirituality represents a major shift in our understanding, and not everyone will be ready for it yet. But for those who are, this worldview can help the human race to finally come of age in terms of its spiritual maturity.