Have you ever felt like you're not in control? That you're a victim of circumstance, or of your partner or family or boss? That your 'karma' is catching up with you, or even that you have a 'life plan' that involves suffering? But what if you're actually in complete control as you create your reality afresh in each new 'moment of now'? What if:

* Even if your greater self chooses certain circumstances in your life… you still create your reaction to them.

* Time isn’t continuous, so the ‘past’ has no bearing on the present… unless you let it.

* Physical reality is nothing more than a mirror… it only reflects what you put out.

* If you’re unhappy with any part of your life… what underlying belief must you hold to be creating it?

* You don't have to look outside yourself for answers... because the best person to help you is you.

* You don’t have to create the life you desire… it already exists among infinite possibilities.

* Abundance is not selfish but our birthright... and the key to it is excitement and joy.

* We’ve only just started to regain a fragment… of a creative potential beyond our wildest dreams.

These gems are common to nearly all modern sources of channelled wisdom: Seth, Abraham, Walsch's 'God', Ramtha, Elias, Bashar, Jeshua and the Pathwork Guide. They insist it's time for us to take responsibility for, and control of, our lives. To remember that we create everything we experience at some level of our consciousness.

This is what 'the shift' is all about. But it's also about reclaiming our birthright as the human race. Because as the creator gods talked of in myth and legend down the ages, we're more powerful than we've ever dared to imagine.

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"A great book that I've recommended to lots of people." Sue Stone, life coach and author of Love Life, Live Life


Reproduces channelled wisdom from Seth via Jane Roberts, Abraham via Esther Hicks, Bashar via Darryl Anka, 'God' via Neale Donald Walsch, Elias via Mary Ennis, Jeshua via Jayem, the Pathwork guide via Eva Pierrakos and Ramtha via JZ Knight.