Ian was born in 1959. After gaining a degree in Economics from UCL and qualifying as a chartered accountant, he sold computer software for several years before, in the late eighties, helping to found a business and IT consultancy company. Throughout this period he spent most of his spare time racing motorcycles and then cars.

In his mid-thirties he forsook the commercial world to become a writer-researcher specializing in ancient history, esoterica and spiritual philosophy. His first two books, Giza: The Truth (1999) and Genesis Unveiled (2003), have sold over 30,000 copies worldwide. In The Book of the Soul (2004) he first developed the idea of Rational Spirituality, also establishing himself as one of the world’s leading authorities on reincarnation and the interlife; and in The Wisdom of the Soul (2007) he first introduced the idea of the holographic soul.

He followed this up with further spiritual books including The Little Book of the Soul (2007), The Big Book of the Soul (2008, a complete rewrite of the 2004 book), Your Holographic Soul (2010), The Future of the Soul (2010) and The History of the Soul (2010, a revision of the 2003 book).

From 2013 his research took him down a somewhat different path away from traditional ideas of reincarnation, leading him to withdraw the former books from sale and to establish the radical worldview of the Supersoul (2013). This was followed by a second volume containing the equally empowering message of The Power of You (2014), and finally Afterlife (2019). To these he has added the simpler books What Jesus Was Really Saying (2016), Sh*t Doesn't Just Happen!! (2016), the autobiographical The God Who Sometimes Screwed Up (2018) and Death Should Be Fun!! (2019).

In 2020 he republished his earlier historical work under the title The 'Prehistoric Truth' Series comprising Giza: The Truth, a 20th anniversary edition of the original with a completely rewritten Epilogue; Atlantis: The Truth, a complete rewrite of Genesis Unveiled although with broadly similar conclusions; and Mesopotamia: The Truth, based on a collection of papers written at the outset of his career. Meanwhile in 2022 he returned to one of his earlier efforts at spiritual fiction, heavily revising The Girl Who Learned to Live.

Ian's non-spiritual books include PRINCE2 Made Simple (2015) and The Isle of Man TT Course (2022), while his other passions include creating driftwood mirrors and other ornaments, and rebuilding classic motorcycles. He now lives on the Isle of Man.