A new consciousness is emerging on planet earth.
Huge swathes of the human population are waking up
to the incredible truth of who and what we really are.
And now the next pieces of the jigsaw reveal
a power in each of us way beyond our wildest imaginings…
the power of our SUPERSOUL.

In the 'Swinging Sixties' the Beatles introduced a whole new Western audience to the concept of reincarnation, and it has since gained a huge following. Some take the view that our earthly experience is just an illusion and we should try to break free from the 'wheel of karma'. But the more common view is that we live many lives one after the other to gain a variety of experience, and to overcome the multitude of challenges the human experience has to offer.

This worldview has served us well up until now. But what if it only scratches the surface of an underlying reality that is far more intriguing?

Ever since the turn of the twentieth century intrepid 'out-of-body' explorers have been investigating those other realms in which we'll all end up in the afterlife. Some of them have described meeting god-like beings of supreme wisdom and power, only to discover they were actually meeting their own 'higher selves' or 'oversouls'. Various wise, channelled entities have described something similar. These sources have also been insisting for decades that our lives aren't consecutive but instead – as incredible as it may seem – are happening simultaneously in the 'eternal now'. They are equally adamant that we ourselves 'attract' or 'manifest' everything we experience via our thoughts, beliefs and intentions – and not just the pleasurable, but the painful too.

It is now time to pull all this together into a worldview potentially enhanced by scientists who propose a fundamentally holographic and even digital reality. A radical worldview that opens up huge new possibilities for us all as we collectively pioneer the most exciting change in human consciousness ever witnessed on planet earth... the worldview of the supersoul.



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A fine piece of writing and research, right at the head of the class. A really valuable contribution to our evolving understanding of the field of consciousness research. Gordon Phinn, out-of-body pioneer and author of More Adventures in Eternity

An intellectual treat, and an invitation to a deeper conversation about the true nature of this strange life we lead. Frank DeMarco, co-founder of Hampton Roads and author of The Cosmic Internet



2 CONCEPTS OF GOD AND SOURCE: an omnipotent God; an all-pervasive Source; one yet many; the holographic soul; why the need for a new term?

3 CHANNELLED CLUES: the reliability of channelled material; the reformer and the journalist; the Myers messages; Philip in the spheres; Sister Frances; the Seth material; Gildas communicates; Father Andrew; the Michael teachings; conversations with God... or supersoul?

4 OUT-OF-BODY ENCOUNTERS: the nature of OOBEs; Leadbeater and Besant; Aurobindo; Yram and Larsen; Ophiel, Twitchell and Atteshlis; Monroe and the INSPECs; Vieira and Van Dam; McKnight, Moen and Buhlman; Bruce, Taylor and Phinn; Ziewe and Aardema.

5 TIME, CONCURRENT LIVES AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: a spiritual view of time; the fluidity of space-time; space-time in the higher planes; vertical not horizontal time; reincarnation revisited; the law of attraction.

6 A DIGITAL UNIVERSE? Campbell’s Big T.O.E.; probable selves and parallel worlds.

7 SUPERSOUL SPIRITUALITY: Refining our new model; a new set of principles; corroboration of our new model.

8 WE ARE THE GODS! accessing supersoul while incarnate; equals not inferiors; merging with supersoul once discarnate; the holographic supersoul; a new era of superconsciousness?

APPENDIX: Personal Applications of Supersoul Spirituality


A supersoul is a grouping of hundreds, maybe thousands, of souls. Myriads of supersouls are projecting individual soul aspects of themselves into this and myriad other realities, meaning they are very far from the ultimate consciousness. Yet to be fully connected to your supersoul is to have boundless wisdom and creative power, and as a full holographic representation of it you're already more divine than you can hope to conceive – divine enough, even, to nullify further speculation about what lies beyond.


Includes research by pioneers in the field of out-of-body exploration such as Charles Leadbeater, Annie Besant, Sri Aurobindo, Yram (aka Marcel Forhan), Caroline Larsen, Ophiel (aka Edward Peach), Paul Twitchell, Stylianos Atteshlis, Robert Monroe, Waldo Vieira, Vee Van Dam, Rosalind McKnight, Bruce Moen, William Buhlman, Robert Bruce, Albert Taylor, Gordon Phinn, Jurgen Ziewe, Frederick Aardema and Todd Acamesis. Also discussion of channelled material from Frederick Myers, Jane Roberts and Seth, Gildas, The Michael Teachings, Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God, and others.