Please note this book has been republished by Andy Tomlinson under the title Exploring the Eternal Soul.


For thousands of years our view of the afterlife has been handed down to us by a variety of prophets and gurus
But in the last few decades thousands of ordinary people have been taken back into their ‘life between lives’ in the light realms
Their consistent reports form one of the most profound sources of spiritual wisdom ever available to humanity
And now two researchers have decided to push this source to its limits...

It is important enough that we should understand what happens to us between lives in the light realms: how we receive energy healing to lighten our vibrations; how we review our lives without judgment from higher beings; and how we choose and plan our next lives along with close soul mates, in order to face the lessons and experiences that will most allow us to grow.

But what if we could use the interlife experience to answer a host of more universal questions of spiritual, historical and philosophical importance? About everything from unusual soul behavior and soul development, through humanity’s past and future, to the true nature of reality and time? What if multiple regression subjects came up with consistent answers? And what if they displayed wisdom so profound as to be way beyond any normal human capacity?

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"This fine book provides much-needed information about everything from trapped spirits to demonic beings; from the purpose of incarnation to extraterrestrial realms; and from legends of Atlantis to global warming and humanity’s future. I cannot recommend it highly enough." Edith Fiore, pioneering regression therapist and author of You Have Been Here Before

"The research in this book poses questions that have rarely, if ever, been asked before. And I predict that the author’s proposal of a holographic model of the soul will prove to be one of the most important concepts of our time." Hans TenDam, pioneering regression therapist and author of Exploring Reincarnation


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INTRODUCTION: laying the foundations; the history of interlife research; the interlife experience; the reliability of interlife material; moving into the universal; the sources; the selection and presentation of transcript material.

1 UNUSUAL SOUL BEHAVIOR: trapped energies, fragments and imprints; attachment of trapped energies; soul fragmentation; multiple incarnations; walk-ins; shared soul memories and projections; carrying over body traumas and physical characteristics; death-points and suicides; demonic beings.

2 SOUL DEVELOPMENT: the purpose of reincarnation; the holographic soul; human versus animal souls; soul birthing and the recycling of experience; reuniting with Source; development during the reincarnation cycle; damaged, disoriented and impetuous souls; planes, levels and aspects; post-reincarnation development; experiencing other planets.

3 HUMANITY’S PAST AND FUTURE: the emergence of the human race; lost civilizations; the soul logistics of population increase; humanity's present problems and possible futures.

4 REALITY AND TIME: creating our own reality; conscious co-creation; the nature of time and parallel dimensions.

5 CONCLUDING QUESTIONS: possible conscious interference; variations in answers; subject feedback; summary; final messages; postscript.

APPENDIX I: RESEARCH APPROACH AND PROTOCOLS: the mechanics of interlife regression; the subjects; the questions; the sessions; processing the information.