Note that a similar book was previously published as Genesis Unveiled in 2003 and as The History of the Soul in 2010, but this new edition has a different title and substantial updates - for details see here.


It is time for a fundamental reappraisal of the ancient texts and traditions from around the world. They retain traces of the lost wisdom of a forgotten race.
These 'Atlanteans' possessed a perfect understanding of their spiritual roots, but became obsessed with the material world and progressively lost their awareness.
The price they paid was almost total annihilation. So are there lessons for us as once again the earth is opened up to huge energetic changes?

In this heavily updated version of Genesis Unveiled, the author tackles many fascinating questions. Was our planet once populated by a lost 'Atlantean' civilisation that was destroyed? A fundamental reappraisal of the most revered ancient texts and traditions from around the globe, coupled with archaeological and geological evidence, suggests that it was. But what were our antediluvian ancestors like? Rather than huddling in caves to escape the Ice Age, were they expert navigators and astronomers who travelled far and wide? Did they have access to incredible technology, or were they defined far more by their spirituality?

Where did our forgotten Atlantean ancestors live? What caused them to be almost completely wiped from the face of the earth, and when did this happen? Was it just a random natural catastrophe, or was it somehow related to their increasing preoccupation with the material at the expense of the spiritual?

If we dare to venture even further back in time, what caused the sudden surge in culture around 75,000 years ago when the modern human race emerged? What ongoing impetus allowed it to snowball so rapidly, compared to the slow but steady evolution of our hominid forebears over millions of years? Were divine sages really sent to introduce civilisation to humankind, and if so how can we understand who or what they really were? Some sort of gods, or angels, or extraterrestrial visitors... or just ordinary human beings with an extraordinary mission

The veiled pointers to our hidden past have finally been unmasked as more than just the psychological constructs of philosophically primitive cultures. But is history repeating itself... and if so what will happen this time around?


A fabulous find! Ian Lawton has done something tremendous and unique, by tracing the shadow of a lost human civilization not only in ancient myth but in ancient records, and comparing the two! Brilliant research. Whitley Strieber, host of the Dreamland radio show

This book is well-written, well referenced, and highly original - better, in fact, than most books by Hancock et al. Bild

A dramatic new vision of the origins of civilisation, born out of a profound understanding of ancient spirituality. Andrew Collins, author of From the Ashes of Angels

Remarkable new insights into the pre-flood human race. Barbara Hand Clow, author of The Mayan Code

An extremely useful survey of early human culture that embraces the unorthodox as well as the mainstream in pursuit of man's origins. Highly illuminating. Adrian Gilbert, co-author of The Orion Mystery


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1 MYTHS IN THE MAKING: a brief history of mythology; the development of myth; the function of myth; conclusion.

2 DEBASEMENT AND DESTRUCTION: the antediluvian patriarchs; the Nephilim reappraised; a tale of two cities; Enochian confusion; the deluge; Hermetic prophecies; Gnostic abominations; the noise of mankind; the eye of Re; the Vedic asuras; karmic catastrophe; conclusion.

3 THE ARTS OF CIVILISATION: knowledge transfer; knowledge preservation; conclusion.

4 THE GOLDEN AGE: paradise in Eden; the first occasion; the days of Dasa-ratha; the age of perfect virtue; the race of gold; the divine Atlanteans; conclusion.

5 WORLD AGES AND UNIVERSAL CYCLES: of silver, bronze and iron; Solon's sojourn; departure from tao; the four worlds; the five suns; counting long; days and nights of Brahma; the wheel of time; conclusion.

6 TAKING ON THE EXPERTS: Campbell and cycles; Eliade and renewal; conclusion.

7 THE CREATION OF MAN: in his own image; the maker, modeler, bearer, begetter; the dawn of creation; silent creations; the veil of amnesia; conclusion.

8 THE ORIGINS OF THE WORLD: in the beginning (Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, the Orient, Greece, Polynesia, America, Africa); missing the point; common source; conclusion.


9 ARCHAEOLOGY: creation versus evolution; diverging from our cousins; consciousness and language; the emergence of modern humans; the development of culture; farming and urbanization; mavericks; missing evidence; conclusion.

10 GEOLOGY: ice ages; questionable evidence of destruction (mass extinctions, Siberian mammoths, Alaskan muck, anomalous animal remains); extraterrestrial bodies (the Carolina bays, the Younger-Dryas event); pole shifts and reversals (axis shifts versus crustal displacement, magnetic pole reversals and solar flares); memories; likely locales; conclusion.

11 LOST CONTINENTS: Plato's Atlantis; founding fathers; HPB; theosophical evolution; the colonel; the arcane tradition; the automatic author; the sleeping prophet; conclusion.

12 TECHNOLOGY: technological non-mysteries (ancient weapons and aircraft, the Dogon, computers, batteries and spark plugs, maps and portolans); dating and other non-mysteries (no overnight development, the age of the Giza monuments, pyramid and temple construction, common origins, other pyramids, underwater structures); realistic skills (astronomy and navigation, crystal and magnification technology); conclusion.

EPILOGUE: IMPLICATIONS FOR TODAY: the 26,000 year energy cycle; the last three shifts (75,000 years ago, 50,000 years ago, 25,000 years ago); the history of the soul; the future of the soul.


Discover a new take on the origins of the universe, of humanity and of human spirituality, and on the traditions of a Golden Age and of the debasement that led to a global catastrophe; based on reinterpreting the consistent themes in sacred texts, traditions and mythology from Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Japan, China, Indonesia, Australasia, the Americas, Europe and Africa. Find out whether experts such as Joseph Campbell and Mircea Eliade may have missed some key universal elements of origin and creation of man myths. Discover why suggestions of high technology in Atlantis, Lemuria and other lost continents - from theorists as diverse as Helena Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner and Edgar Cayce through to Ignatius Donnelly, Erich von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchin and Brad Steiger - have few firm foundations. Find out whether or not modern revisionists like Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval are really on to something. And discover what has happened in the last three energy cycles on earth, and the unique opportunity presented by the current shift.


Problems with King Lists

Problems with Anomalous Human Remains

Horrible Hybrids

The Theosophical Perspective

An Esoteric Worldview

Dion Fortune's Cosmic Doctrine

Esoteric Science

Anomalous Artifacts

Problems with Interventionism

Problems with Alternative History Research